“What kind of dress will you wear today?”

“My sky blue dress!”

“Is this the right dress?”

As she already knew I would choose that dress, Cecilia quickly brought it to find it.

Even though I saw it for the second time, it was still brilliantly beautiful.

“Yes! That’s right.”

“Then I’ll prepare shoes and accessories accordingly.”

“No, no! I’m going to wear the ribbon Cecilia gave me.”

“What? But there are so many prettier ones.”

Cecilia, who brought me to the dressing table in the dressing room, gestured with her hand to ribbons that had been inserted one after another.

“But what I like the most is that Cecilia gave it to me! So I want to wear that one.”

“My Lady…”

“Because I can’t carry around a penguin doll, I want the ribbon Cecilia gave me.
Then I think I’ll be reassured.
I think that would relieve my nervousness!”

I sat on the chair and swung my feet.

“My Lady is really… kind person.”

“Yeah! I’m nice! But only to Cecilia.”


“So go on.
I really need Cecilia’s support today.”

“You’re comforting me.
Also… you really are a nice person.”

It wasn’t consolation, but Cecilia’s support was really needed, but she ended up shedding tears.

I tried to say it, but somehow I didn’t want to resolve her misunderstanding.

‘It’s good! It’s good!’

All Cecilia had to do was laugh.

Cecilia was the prettiest when she smiled.

Because of that, I wore a dress and smoothed my hair more happily than ever.

Cecilia, who had been dressing me next to me the whole time, closed her mouth when I got up from my seat.

“As expected, you’re so pretty.”

“Really? Pretty?”

Honestly, I was a little surprised, too.
The image beyond the mirror was so unfamiliar.

It was really pretty.

I even felt like a precious princess from a country that I’ve only seen in books.

“Yes, you’re so pretty.”

“I look pretty! This is all thanks to Cecilia.”

My Lady was already pretty.
You’re lovely even when you’re chubby and have a little weight on your cheeks.”


I was ashamed and embarrassed because I had never heard anyone complement me for being pretty, except for my mom.

But it’s good again.
I was pretty.
To be honest, I was pretty enough to be compared to Harris.

“If you wear these shoes, you’ll be perfect.”

Cecilia stuck out her round sky-colored shoes in front of me.


Most of the shoes I’ve worn so far were big, small, or uncomfortable, but this was really comfortable.
The dress I was wearing was comfortable as if I were wearing it yet not at the same time, but this was the same with the shoes.

It was then…

“Why? Why? Are you done? When can I see you?”

Allen’s voice was heard from outside the dressing room.


“Hurry, I want to see you, not just the two of you.”

Allen’s voice was impatient like a begging child.

“I guess there’s nothing we can do, My Lady.
Guess you have to go out and show him.
Are you ready?”

“I’m ready… What if he doesn’t think I’m pretty?”

“That will never happen.”

But Allen was too honest.
I was a little worried, but Cecilia opened the door of the dressing room without hesitation.

Then I saw Allen jumping in his place.

Allen, who had been at a loss until just now, stopped in place as soon as he saw me.

“Wow… Bebe.
I thought you were an angel from heaven!”

“Isn’t that too much?”

“No, no, it’s true.
You’re so pretty.
You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.
Oh, no.
You’re the second prettiest after my mom!”

Relief poured in as I saw Allen adding words in a hurry.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”


“That’s a relief…”

I was worried that he might say that expensive and precious clothes didn’t look good on me, but I guess it looks good on me.

“You’re so pretty that you can get married right away! Oh, no.
I’m not asking you to get married right away, Bebe.”


“Can’t you marry anyone? Bebe is so innocent that if do it well…”

“It’s not like that! And I’m only five years old.
Marriage… Oh, it’s a long way to go!”

But without saying anything, someone strode toward us.

It was the Grand Duke.

“Are you getting married?”

I don’t know why, but my dad looked at me with a cold, stiff face.

“No! I’m not getting married!”

“I was surprised, Bebe.
You’ll get married someday, but you can’t just marry anyone.
Bebe is pure…”

“How can my dad and my brother say the same thing? I’m not getting married.
I’m going to live with my mom forever.”

“….And Dad…”

“…And Brother…”

“What’s wrong with both of you? It’s like you’re obsessed!”

When I shouted back, the Grand Duke cleared his throat, as if he had returned to his senses.

“I’m not obsessed.
I was just curious.”

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