“I’m being nice to you because you need me…”

However, I hope you like it because it’s just me today.

I hope so.
More than that, Cecilia… You know me.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“C-Can I try on the new clothes?”

Cecilia, who seemed to roll her mouth around for a moment, smiled and nodded.

“For the first time since I started serving you, you look like a child.”

“…Like a child? Is that an insult?”

“No! It’s not an insult.
I really like how you express your feelings like that! Let’s try on new clothes!”

“Uh, yes!”

She reached out to me.
Then I took her hand and got up slowly.

We headed to the dressing room like that.

Finally, I could see the dressing room.

It was a sight that I expected a little bit since there were so many dresses, but when I saw the feast of dresses unfolding in front of my eyes, my heart pounded.


The dressing room, which used to look unusually large because it was empty, now looked small.

The shoes were placed in a shoe cabinet diagonally, showing their pretty toes.
The pretty hair pins were placed in front of the dressing table in the dressing room, and the accessories were piled up in the jewelry box next to it.

“Now I feel at ease.”

“There are so many!”

“This is all yours.”

“Am I allowed to have so many things? Really?”

“You can be confident.
You’re Bebe Avrant of the Grand Duke, so go ahead and choose the outfit you’re going to wear today!”

As I was watching her talking with her fist tightly, I laughed without realizing it.
I’m the lady of this family.
I can do this.

I didn’t have to explain my usefulness anymore.

‘I’m the lady of this place.
Because I’m Bebe… Avrant.’

I was excited after receiving Cecilia’s support.
I stopped in front of the dress I liked out of the numerous dresses.

“I’m going to wear this today.”

“I’ll change you right away.”


“You can get a little lazy from now on.”


I tilted my head as I watched Cecilia change my clothes.

You have to choose dresses every morning.
It might be fun at first, but it’ll be a bother later.
For some reason, even if you have clothes, you may feel like you have nothing to wear.”

“Really? Is everyone like that?”

It’s like that every day.”

“Ah… I see.”

I always believed in almost everything Cecilia said, but this time I didn’t quite understand what she said.
How could you feel like you have so many clothes yet don’t know what to wear?

But she was more serious than ever.

“So you have to buy more new clothes.
Next time, I hope you go out with your mother and buy clothes.”

“Uh, yeah! If Cecilia says so,then it must be like that.
But Cecilia, when is the meeting?”

“Yes, I heard it.
There’s going to be a meeting soon.
The meeting will be in three days.”

In three days…

In three days, I’ll be recognized as a necessity.
After that, the vassals won’t be able to even move.
When that happens, I could wake up my mom.

I was worried about going to the political meeting itself, but my heart was pounding at the fact that my mother could wake up again.


“Aren’t you worried?”

“No! I’m really looking forward to it.”

“That’s a relief.
I can’t believe you’re looking forward to it.””

“Yes, I’m really looking forward to it.”

After that day, I will not be alone, but my mother and I will be able to live together.

Because I wouldn’t have to use magic to put my mom to sleep anymore.

I smiled brightly.


Three days had passed.
I woke up early in the morning, contrary to what I said before about not being nervous.

When the sun rose to the sky…


It was a time when Cecilia had not entered the room.

I opened the window slightly and the morning air rushed past my cheeks.
It was a warm spring, but it was still cold at dawn.
I hugged the penguin doll in my arms tighter and closed the window.

Then I walked to my mom.

After today, we can be together again.
There are more than one or two things I want to show my mom.”

The mother’s face, who slept quietly, twinkled as if it were showing how well Cecilia had taken care of her.
Cecilia wiped her mother’s whole body every day and changed her posture from time to time to prevent her back from sagging.

Thanks to this, my mom had the same face when my dad was alive.

The scars were still all over her body, but she now looked like a normal person.

I clung to my mom’s side.

“Mom… I want to hear your voice.
I’m really fine, and I really am happy… but I want to hear your voice.”

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