That doesn’t mean I’m a human being that can be stomped down.
The attitude of those who ignored me, the eyes of the people who hated me, the way he spoke to me- I’ve experienced it a lot.

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‘If you don’t get strong, if you don’t get through all this, you can’t move forward.
I’m going to live.
Alongside my mom.’

That’s why I don’t want to lose to these kids.

“Then try it.”


“You said you could.
If you’re so strong, then break the ice.
I’ll get out of here.
What do you think?”

He really was strange.

Maybe it’s because I’m in front of children, but I feel like I’m becoming childish myself.

As if it was nothing, I looked at Lexit provocatively in a way I had never done before.

Lexit, who seemed to be angry, stomped his feet and looked into my eyes.

“Th-That’s funny! How could you break it like it’s nothing!”

“But it’s not, and besides I made a gold chain instead.
You said you are very strong, but you don’t seem to look like that at all.”

Lexit stared at me, flaring his nostrils.

“Wh-What are you talking about? Why would you accuse me of being a liar?”

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“It’s not a lie, it’s true.
You said you are strong, but you didn’t even know the barrier existed.”


“I guess you really are weak.
I hate weak people the most in the world, so stop picking a fight and go back.”

I was worried that my mom would wake up.

They were busy talking to me as if they didn’t care at all, but in bed, my mom was mumbling and sleeping.

Or maybe she doesn’t even know she’s alive.

Lexit bit his lips.
Perhaps he was thinking that words can’t make him win.

“Haha, you’re a fake!”

“You’re so weak! If I’m fake, you’re a useless person without power.”


“If you do that, aren’t you a useless human after all?”

“H-How dare you…!”

“Then just leave.
I just want to grow up safely.
If you don’t want to ruin the Great Duke’s family, then please stop bothering me.”

As he looked at me, Lexit probably thought about how he couldn’t beat me.
In the end, he twitched his nose and left.

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‘So why was he bothering me?’

Why can’t I be left alone when I just want to be protected here?

I felt down for no reason.
I was just happy waking up in a comfortable bed, without a single nightmare and not being kicked out.

It was then…

A bright idea popped up.

“Sister, I’m going out too? Okay?”

His bright, calm blue eyes were staring at me.

I didn’t like that look particularly.

I just didn’t want anyone to care about me and act nice to me.

‘You never know when they’re gonna betray you again.
They may not even care about me soon after being nice to me.
I was right to keep my distance to prevent that from happening.’

I had to before my heart became soft for Allen, who was exceptionally nice to me.
Before I open my heart to him.

As always, it was like this for the people who tested me.
The wizards who were only nice for a moment only wanted to use my strength.

That’s how I made eye contact with Allen.

“I-I’m going out too, okay?”

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“Yes, get out, and don’t come back.
I’ll take care of myself, so don’t worry about me anymore.”

Sorrow somehow flashed right in front of Allen’s eyes.

“But I’m just worried about you…”

“I’m used to being alone.
People don’t believe me.”


Allen was still smiling, even though I outright kicked him out.
He stroked my head with his broad, soft hands.

“…I’ll be back soon.”

I tried to say no, but Allen didn’t agree.
It went right on the dock.

“I said no, but he’s coming again.
He really is an idiot.”

He shouldn’t have come.

I’d rather not make him look forward to it.

I’ll just wait again like a puppy waiting for someone else to come.


“You’ll have to wait knowingly.”

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I waited days and days for the words of my mother who died leaving me alone.

Mom, I’m going to sleep for a minute.

The first time my mother died, I waited for her to open her eyes.

When the knights saw my dead mother’s body and dragged her out in a panic.
They believed she would return.

I’ve always waited like a fool.

And I knew that I’ll be waiting for Allen again.

I slammed the door because I didn’t want to look stupid, as if I’m telling him not to come back.

“Don’t you ever hang out with that thing again, you idiot! It’s a shame on the Grand Duke!”

“You are such an idiot, Lexit! I’ll keep hanging out with my sister.”

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“Hey, where are you going?”

As expected, I could hear Allen and Lexit fighting outside.

I heard some words, and then I locked the door.
Then I ran to my mother.

Mom, who could hear the noises around her, was still sleeping.
I whispered to her.

“Mom, Mom.
When are you going to wake up? I… like being alone, but I want Mom to wake up too.”

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