“In your dream… did you see a silver wolf?”

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“Yeah! It felt good because the fur was soft.
Why? Why can’t I dream about it?”

“No, that’s not it…”

Cecilia, quite embarrassed, fiddled with something in bed and came to me.



It was a silvery piece of fur, which was hard to see because of its unique color.
As if to prove that there was a real silver wolf, the color of the fur shifted every time it shone under the light.

It was not clear because it was a single strand, but it was certain that it was silver.

“How can this be…”

Why was there a silver fur next to my bedside?

At the moment, Cecilia and my face hardened at the same time.



It’s so surprising that I’m not embarrassed by anything.

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“No one came through the door.
If that were the case, the knights would have said it.”


“The same goes for windows.
I locked it tightly… What’s going on, My Lady?”

And after a long silence, Cecilia, who was more embarrassed than anyone else, slowly opened her mouth.

“Or Cecilia…”


“Maybe I used magic all night.
I saw a silver wolf in my dream, so I want to have fur that resembles a silver wolf.
That’s what I’m thinking.”

“Can your thoughts be magically embodied?”

It was a question asked out of pure curiosity, but I couldn’t give her an easy answer.

I actually didn’t know either.

Actually, I don’t know anything about my power.”


“I know I’m strong, but that’s all.
But… wouldn’t it still be possible? When I use magic, I have to make up my mind about what I’m going to do, so it must feel the same.”

Only then did Cecilia nod as if she was suddenly deeply enlightened.

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“Oh, I see! My Lady is so strong that she made it happen with just that!”

“Right, it’s like that!”

The reason why we rushed to conclude with each other was probably because of the discomfort of filling up somewhere in our hearts.
TIt was the primal anxiety that there might be a real silver wolf.

“Then today… hurry up and wash up and eat… and let’s go out.”

“Where are we going today?”

Today is the day when My Lady’s clothes and shoes arrive.”

“Oh, I didn’t finish it well that day.”

“They were just measuring the size of your body anyway.
I discussed with Madame Elloine the next day to choose.”

I didn’t know that, so my eyes turned round.


“Yes, so you can leave right after you’re ready.”

I nodded my head loudly at her words.
It’s clothes.

“You can be greedy for this.”

Originally, I ordered about 100 pieces of clothing, but Madame said she brought more clothes.”

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“I see…! Will we be picking from there again?”

“If you like it, you can choose everything, or if you don’t like it, you can throw it out.”

As if it had happened often, Cecilia spoke casually, but I couldn’t control my heart within that distance.

“No, I’m going to choose! I will never give out anything that originally came into my arms!”

“Good idea.
Let’s get ready and go out.
Due to Madame Elloine’s personality, she will be here already and laying clothes in the drawing room.”


As soon as I finished talking, Cecilia took me to the bathroom.

Cecilia, who washed me as usual with a soft and warm touch, dressed me in another dress that came in the meantime and began to dry my hair.

If it wasn’t urgent, it was normal to dress me and do my hair after eating and washing up, but Cecilia seemed excited to see me in new dresses.

I watched Cecilia move faster than usual.

“After today, all of these places will be filled with new clothes.”

Looking pleased, she even hummed, unlike usual.
That’s true.
I liked it, too.
I’ve only worn the clothes that Harris wore a few times, but now my clothes are coming.

Even the size would be perfect for me.

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How many clothes were piled up in the drawing room?

At that time, when I had such expectations, my forgotten memories came to mind, and her anticipation sank in vain.

“But… isn’t Harris coming again? Just in case she ruins all my clothes.”

Cecilia, who sat on the dressing table and dried my hair with a towel, smiled as if she had no worries.

“You saw it yesterday.
No matter how much Lady Harris is, she can never come in if the knights block her.”

“Oh, yeah.
I saw it.”

“It’s the same this time.”There will be a knight in front of the drawing room.”

“Really? That’s nice.”

It was terrible just thinking about it… the fact that Harris may step on or tear my clothes as if she were stepping on flowers.

But Cecilia eliminated my worries at once.


“Yes! Because there are knights… There’s a good side too.”

And I told the Grand Duke about your personal knight.”

“D-Did you say that?”

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