your dreams.
So think of only good things.
Think about going to the garden to play with your mom, or how nice it would be to imagine picking pretty flowers and making a bouquet together.”

When I heard that, I put aside my worries about Harris, which had filled my head, and held the penguin doll tightly in my arms.


“Then, have a good night?”

With those words, my hair was stroked softly.

I only thought of good things, thinking that I could have good dreams.

That night, I had a dream of picking flowers in the garden with my healthy mother.

The scar that filled my mom and my whole body disappeared, and we laughed as if nothing had happened before.

I had a good dream after a long time.

And then I saw a silver wolf in that dream.

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I couldn’t remember the look or the sound of it crying, but the silver hairs that tickled my cheeks were very impressive.

Because of that, when I woke up at dawn, I still had the illusion of feeling its soft hairs on my cheeks.

The next day…

Maybe it’s because of the dream I had all night, but I woke up late in a good mood.

Cecilia, who had already been in the room, looked busy somewhere.

“Umm… It’s morning?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up today?””

“It’s been a while since I saw you smiling in your sleep so I didn’t wake you up.”

She stretched her body and smiled?

“What about Brother?”

“He came here a while earlier, and when he saw that My Lady was sleeping, he was disappointed.”

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“I see.”

“Then he asked me to tell you that he won’t be able to come because he’s busy today.
He then added, “Even if it’s a pity, please bear with me”.”

As a brother, Allen was good and very interesting, but his brother was a little excessive.

“Yeah! It was a bit annoying, but it worked out in the end.”


Cecilia, who came to my side before I knew it, was smiling brighter than ever.

After waking up from my seat, I patted my sleeping mother on the cheek and went down from bed.

“Yesterday was really weird.”

“Was it weird?”

“Yes, as Cecilia said… I had a good dream.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, a dream of picking flowers in the garden with my mom.
But what’s more amazing is that at the end, a silver wolf came to me and rubbed my cheek.”

I said it because I was excited, but as Cecilia made the bed I was lying on, her face hardened a little.

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