ent in front of her.

Only the slap filled the quiet hallway.

“How dare you…”

It was likely that he would grumble or shout, but the knight silently gave his head to Harris.

It wasn’t once.
As if to express the accumulated anger, she slapped the knight until her hands turned red.
None of the men who accompanied the knight and guarded Harris’s back stopped it.

It was only Cecilia who couldn’t bear it, and gently covered my eyes.

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“We’re going back now.”

And Cecilia, who had been watching the scene, turned to approach the door, wondering if it was going to go any longer.
Only then did Harris stop hitting the knight and try to tightly grab onto my forearms.

However, the knights, who were guarding the door, blocked Harris.

“Lady Harris wasn’t even allowed to come close to the room.
Please step back.”

Do you know who I am? Huh? Do you know who I am? I’m the real lady who inherited the blood of this family!

I thought I would get out of the way if I made a fuss like that, but the knights didn’t even move a little.
They firmly blocked Harris until Cecilia and I entered the room.

Because of this, Harris was more chaotic than ever, but it quickly became quiet, as if she had been subdued.

“There’s never a quiet day.”

“I know.
I never imagined that Lady Harris would pass this way.”

Cecilia hardened her face, as if what happened just before was a terrible thing.
Her face had an expression that was not much different from mine.

“But to say hello every day like that..
I think that’s amazing.”

“Is that so?”

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“Yes, but Cecilia.”

Meanwhile, Cecilia took me to the dressing room to change into pajamas.
When I wore the pajamas that felt soft enough to match the sound of chirping, it felt like tension all over my body was relieved.

“What? Are you uncomfortable?”

Rather than uncomfortable… you know… what room is this?”


“Because of what Harris said earlier…”

“This is the room used by Grand Duchess Ellinson.”


I was surprised at the moment and couldn’t close my mouth.

I can’t believe it’s the room used by the Great Duchess.

“Then, what about the pattern on the room door?”

“It’s the same as the one in the Grand Duke’s room, just in a different direction.
That shows that it’s the Grand Duchess’s room.”


I couldn’t close my mouth in surprise.

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