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When the Grand Duke said it was late at night, he put the documents on the table, which he was holding dearly in his arms.

“I’ll leave the documents… here!”

“It’s okay to take it.”

“No! My room is a place where I don’t know when anyone will come in.
But I’m relieved that not anyone can enter my dad’s room!”

The Grand Duke, who crumpled his face as if he had eaten something bitter, smiled and nodded.

Then I’ll keep this for you.”

“Yes, yes.
And I’m going to sleep, so will you sleep right away?”

As I spoke, the Grand Duke only smiled weakly.

It probably means that he won’t be sleeping.
But I couldn’t drag a person who wouldn’t sleep to bed, and I was too sleepy, so I jumped out of my seat and ran outside.

“Good night!”

“Good night.

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I greeted nicely, but I even waved my hand and finished greeting, but I couldn’t leave.

The door had to be pulled inward to open, but although my hand touched the handle, the door itself was too heavy.

In the end, it was only after the Grand Duke, who finished greeting, approached me and pulled the door.
Only then was I able to leave the room.

“It seems you are still short and not strong enough.”

“No, I’m going to grow soon so don’t worry!”

Just in case he was worried, I hurriedly turned my head and ran to Cecilia outside the door.

“My Lady! You’re here!”


Then the Great Duke entered the door, and Cecilia smiled affectionately at me.

“I was wondering why you weren’t coming out.”

“Let’s go back.”

“Yes! Were you able to talk to the Grand Duke better than that?”

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“I’m so proud of you.
I think you two are getting along well.”

I tried to refute that it wasn’t like that, but today was an unusually good day.

“Getting along… it’s just going well.”

“Is that so? I heard that Lady Harris gets kicked out in less than five minutes if she enters the Grand Duke’s room.”

“Really? It seems like she visits every day.”

It seems they always come to the room to say hello.”

Harris was such a great kid.

It must be annoying, but he visits me every day to say hello.

“I will never do it.”

I thought you wouldn’t do it even if I told you to.”

“…Do I look like that kind of person?”

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Lady Bebe is a weirdly determined person, so I felt like you wouldn’t do it.”

Looking at Cecilia, who was definitely talking, I wanted to do the opposite somehow, but I quickly gave up my mind.
It would never be a human’s job to visit every day.

It was then…

As the saying goes, “When you think of a person, that person will come.” By the time I almost got to my room, a child was walking towards me.

Harris was dressed in splendid clothes, as if she was about to go to a party at any moment.
The red dress, which wasn’t suitable for tonight, was gently studded with flowers.

“Ha? Where have you been?””

As expected, the child, who had been furious as soon as he saw me, quickly approached my eyes, twitching her nose.

But this time, Cecilia blocked Herace.

“Lady Harris, I heard that you were not allowed to go down this path.”

“So what, Cecilia.
Who do you think you are to meddle in my path?”

“I’m not interfering.
I’m just telling you that there was an order from the Great Duke.”

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Harris did not seem to be hit at all by Cecilia’s determined words.

“Whether it’s from someone or whatever, if it’s not this way, you have to go all the way to the back.
What should I do? And my dad allowed me to pass by here.”


“But what do you mean? Are you going to pick a fight with me, Cecilia? Do you want to die?”

“Lady Harris.”

“Don’t even call my name.
You’re just like that fake and you’re arguing with me? Yes, you.
Since I’ve been obedient lately, you only see me as a beggar, right?”

Harris acted as if she had become the word anger itself.
Or maybe she couldn’t control her anger? Anyway, Harris threatened Cecilia with all kinds of annoyances today.

If this was the first time, I would have been surprised or embarrassed, but Cecilia and I, who had seen this often, were not very impressed.

“Ha? You won’t even answer? Are you confident? Huh? Do you think it’s really special because that room was assigned and you’re not kicked out even though something happened? You, you, you, you, you fake.”

“I don’t know what that room is.”


“Is that a special room?”

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