I didn’t know until I knew the reason behind it, but all the utensils I used were silver, even my cup of milk.

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“Tonight is perfect.”

Cecilia went out whenever I ate food unless my brother was here.
It was the same today.
She washed me, gave me snacks, and went outside.
Before she came in, I held the penguin doll and strengthened my will.

I had a small teaspoon in my other hand, not the fork I used to eat the peaches.

Soon after, Cecilia entered the room.

“Are you going to sleep right away?”

“I have to go somewhere!”

“At this hour?”


“Where are you going?””

“Hmm, to my dad!”

With my phrase, Cecilia couldn’t hide her astonishment for a long time.

“Are you going to see His Grace now?”

“Is it a no?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do about it, but… you’ve never gone before, so I was wondering.”

“We haven’t seen each other for a short while.
That’s why I miss him!”

Only then did her face brighten.

“I see.
His Grace will love it.”

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“Then… since you’re determined, should we go now?”

“Can I just go without telling him?”

I’m sure he’ll like it when he hears that you came because you missed him.”

“…I don’t think he’ll like it.”

I looked at her with my mouth munching.
Just because I would visit, doesn’t mean he’ll like it.
However, Cecilia was even more determined than ever.

“Don’t worry.
I’m sure he’ll like it!”


I felt a little uncomfortable about going without saying anything, but when Cecilia talked like that, I was obliged to follow her.

“I didn’t want to change into my pajamas yet today, but maybe it is for this reason.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Just in case, I’ll put on a cardigan while we are outside.”

Cecilia gave me a thick cardigan and looked at me affectionately.

“Shall we go now?”


“You can carry a penguin doll with you!”

“No, the penguin doll will protect my mom, so I’ll leave it there.”

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Whenever I held it strangely, I wanted to carry a penguin doll since it gave me peace of mind, but I put it down next to my mom.

“But I think you still cherish it a lot.”

“Yeah, yeah.
It’s not that I cherish it, but because I got it as a gift.”

Because no one gave me a gift except my mom and dad.

Therefore, Allen’s gift was treasure number two.
Number one is my mom, and number two is the penguin doll.
Allen, the one who gave me the gift, is about number three.

That was how much I liked the penguin doll.

“I like the texture, and its cheeks are chewy.”

Whenever I stretched the doll on both sides, it stretched so well, and every time I looked at it, I felt strangely better.

“I didn’t know you’d like dolls this much.”

“Really? I didn’t know either.
It’s my first time having a doll.”

At that moment, Cecilia’s expression changed slightly.

She looks anxious like a person who asks something that shouldn’t be asked.

It was then that I asked a question, while munching with my mouth and not knowing what to do.

“Oh! When is your birthday anyway?”


“The day you were born!”

“It’s already past!”

“It’s already past?”

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Cecilia left the room, chewing her mouth as if she said something shameful.
The knights at the door looked surprised as soon as we came out.

“Where are you going, ma’am?”

“I’m on our way to His Grace.”

“Oh, okay, ma’am.”

“Then let’s go, My Lady.”


I didn’t know how long it would take, so I grabbed her hand right away.

I never caught this because I liked her.
I just grabbed it because I didn’t know it would take long.

However, because I behaved differently than usual, Cecilia looked at me with a surprised face.

“Did you really grab-”

“Yes! When is your birthday, Cecilia?”

“I think there’s about two months after.”

“I see.
My birthday is the day you came here!”

“Oh! Is it that day?”


It was the day when something like a curse began.

On my fifth birthday, I was able to use my strength and my mother almost died.

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“I see…”

“I don’t like birthdays.”

“Do you hate it? But you can get a lot of gifts on your birthday.”

“I’ve never received a gift before! Except for my mom and dad… Allen is the first person to give me a gift.”


Cecilia, who is listening to my mumbles, let out a small sigh.

As if it’s rather unfortunate.

“But it’s okay.”

Because my life itself was a gift.

Now that my mother is alive and I can breathe, this place itself was big enough to be considered as a gift.

“My Lady, you’re so mature at times like this.”

“Is that so?”

“But we’re almost there.”

“We’re here?”

After a while, Cecilia stopped at the big door.

“This is His Grace’s room.”

“Really? But it’s close to my room.”

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