“Oh, I see.”

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“The family member with the strongest influence is now Lady Harris.
Most of them would die to be noticed by Lady Harris.”

“That’s why they’re talking nonsense to me? To look good in front of Harris?”

Cecilia nodded heavily.

“It’s not fun.”

“It wasn’t usually this much, but the conflict escalated even more after Lady Harris came.”

“Wasn’t it always like that?”

Most of the people were kitchen staff.”

She had a bitter look on her face, as if something had happened.

“I see.”

“But don’t worry.
Even so, no one will be able to do anything to her.”

“I’m not worried.
Rather, I feel good.”

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“I was a bit worried when you said you were going to the kitchen.
I guess you liked going out.”

I nodded profusely as she looked at me, feeling happy.

“Yes! I loved it!”

It’s not that it’s not, but going out was really perfect.

Looking at it, Cecilia’s face had also brightened.

But my outing was perfect in a different sense.

‘How can I let her know that he’s a bad person and a spy?’

A smile spread naturally on my face with the intention of eating snacks, but I was very confused in my own head.

‘In the past, the Emperor said that the Grand Duke must have been sensitive because he had been taking poison for a long time, and not even a single human being didn’t even know that.
At the same time, he said that mixing it with ‘that’ was such a good idea that he found himself admiring it.’

That means that the Grand Duke was still likely to be taking poison.
I thought that I had to reveal it, but I didn’t think it was a good idea.

‘Usually, nobles say that they always had tools to build resistance to poison and at the same time, distinguish them just in case.’

And while still looking at chocolate and cookies, I let out a small sigh and said “Ah.”

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I saw it in a book a long time ago.
Silver objects neutralized a lot of poison.

‘The tool for noble families to differentiate poison…were silver utensils.’

Not that it wasn’t, but all my utensils were made of silver.

He was secretly preparing for an unexpected poisoning.

I smiled brightly.

‘But there were some things that didn’t require silver utensils.’

All tableware was made of silver, but it was common to put water and wine in a glass.

Water should be in a glass because it quickly shows when you put poison in it.
The taste of water would change too.
Wine would also be in a glass to taste its natural taste.

‘That person… he was poisoned with wine!’

I thought, but I got goosebumps at that moment.

I had never drunk wine in my life, but I heard that wine tasted different depending on the variety of grapes, how they were made, and how they matured.

Therefore, even if the taste changed due to poison, it would have been difficult to know for sure.

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‘I was a fool.
Knowing that the unknown man was the culprit, I didn’t know that the wine he managed was mixed with poison.’

Turning my head around myself, I clenched my fist tightly.

When I think of the word ‘wine’ with poison, everything the Emperor told me in the past made perfect sense.

“That’s it!”

“My Lady?”

“Oh, yeah…right.”

“What do you mean ‘that’s it’?”

“Today! I’d like to eat fruits for today’s snack! Fruits that are tasty and juicy!”

“I see.
I’ll tell them to get ready as soon as they arrive.”


Cookies and chocolate were always eaten with bare hands, so they didn’t need to prepare utensils.
However, fruit needs to be eaten using silver utensils.

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After thinking that far, I quickly returned to the room with a big smile.

The preparation was truly perfect.

After visiting the kitchen, Cecilia brought me soft peaches dripping with juice in front of me.

Peaches and cookies were placed on a silver bowl.
It seemed to match, yet it did not.

My mouth watered.
I had eaten peaches before.
Unlike chocolate and other snacks, the peaches, which were full of the sweetness in a natural way, were neatly placed as if they were asking me to eat them quickly.

“Thank you for the food.”

After thanking the person who prepared it with gratitude, I picked up the fork and poked the peach.

After that, I took a big bite of the peach that made me drool just by looking at it.
Then, the juice flowed down from my mouth.

“It’s sweet…”

The taste was so great that I almost forgot my mission for a moment.

The peaches, which I had quickly eaten four of the six, were sliced evenly.
I then looked at the small fork naturally as I held it in my hand.

The fork, which has been used all the time to eat peaches, was decorated with colorful patterns.
On top of that, the fork with a unique pattern found in all the objects in the Grand Duchy is made of silver.

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