“Is that so?”

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“Of course! So don’t think too bad about how I feel about chocolate”.

” Somehow I feel like I’ve been tricked.”

As I saw her sighing, I suddenly thought that this story might have been made up by Cecilia.

Unaware of my thoughts, she bravely took the lead more enthusiastically.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s made or if it actually exists.
I can’t let go of the chocolate.”

Having come to that conclusion, I followed her more energetically than ever.

Not long after that, for the first time since I was born, I was right in front of the kitchen.

‘It’s weird…’

Obviously, many adult men were looking at me, but I was not afraid or felt fear unlike before.

‘It’s really, really weird.’

Because of that, I looked at them calmly.
Was it because I was standing and looking at the front without focusing my eyes on something, or because I don’t think I could see anyone who hated me here?

I didn’t know why.

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‘It’s probably a good thing, right?’

It’s so strange that my heart would beat in a different way.

At that time, a man with the same height as the Grand Duke arrived in front of me.

“Hello, My Lady.
I’m Leo Plantz, the kitchen chef.”

He bowed his back and greeted me.

“Okay, I’m Bebe.”

“Yes! Usually, Young Ladies and Young Masters don’t come to the kitchen, so I was a little surprised.”

“I’m interested in the kitchen stuff!”


“Yes, yes.
It’s a place where delicious food comes out every day, so I’m very interested! Cooks are like magicians.
They make great food!”

And chocolate too! This was also a place to make chocolate.

Without realizing it, a smile spread on my face.

“I can’t believe you’re thinking like that.
I’m very much delighted.”

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At that time, a smile spread on Leo’s face.


“I thought no one cared about us who are at the base of the dish.
But thank you for saying it so nicely.
I’ll show you around, but not here.”


Perhaps it was because I came, but the chefs in the kitchen stood on one side.
Their faces turned strange, like the expression of the general chef.

“Did I say something wrong?”‘

I was concerned for a while, but Leo already followed me because he said he would show me around.

He said that the Grand Duke consists of one main kitchen and four sub-kitchens here.

He also mentioned that all the usual food was prepared here, and the sub-kitchen was used when there was a large event in the public area or when there were guests who visited.

“Do we usually eat all the food here?”

“Of course.
All the ingredients are here.”

Leo, who was on the skinny side, was a very kind person despite my expectations that he would be a little strict.

He said it was the first time someone paid attention to them from time to time, and repeatedly became sullen after liking them profoundly.
Although I doubted him, he basically looked like a good person.

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“Me, me! I want to see where the ingredients come from!”

“Of course.
I’ll show you all the secret warehouses that you haven’t seen yet…”

Contrary to expectations, he looked quite excited.

Though I felt a little pressure, it was in a good way for me, so I followed him faster than ever.

Perhaps because it was the Grand Duchy, but the kitchen utensils were truly enormous.

The kitchen was so large that it was impossible to see at a first glance, and the ingredients were also managed in ten rooms.
Each warehouse had different people standing.

And in the last warehouse, I finally found the person I wanted to see.

“In the past, the Emperor clearly said that the person he planted in the Grand House was a very impressive man.
Because of that, the Grand Duke laughed at him because like a fool, he didn’t know he was a spy.’

When I first heard that, I didn’t dare to think of it, but when I saw the man guarding the tenth warehouse, I realized the meaning of those phrases.

“I want to look in here more.”

Because of this, I stopped in front of the tenth warehouse.

“This is a wine cellar.”

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“I see!”

“It’s not going to be fun.”

“Is there only wine here?”

We also store cheese here and distribute it.”

When the person who was guarding the warehouse saw me, he greeted me with a big smile.

“Hello, My Lady.
I’m Caleb, the one in charge of wine and cheese storage.”

“Okay! I’m curious about what’s inside!”

“Do you want me to show you around? It might not be fun.
The atmosphere here is dark and gloomy.”


I looked at him as if I was oblivious enough.

He has a really good impression.
Whenever he smiled with his pearly white teeth, the man had dimples in his cheeks and looked like he was really smiling.

His gentle voice and slightly timid behavior made me feel suspicious.
It was as if he was making sure the Grand Duke would never know that he was a ‘spy’.

I didn’t know its name or the exact appearance, but it’s clear that this man was a spy.

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