“Even if I had a dog, I would never feed it.”

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Or maybe he sent me the wrong one to write to someone else.

With that thought, I put the letter I was looking at on the negotiation table.

“It won’t be a big deal!”

“I guess so…”

“Yes, I might have come to the wrong place.
I want to go somewhere else today!”



Only then did Cecilia nod her head profusely as if she remembered what she had said last time.

“That’s right.
We decided to go there last time.”

“Is it not okay?”

“No way.
You can go anywhere you want to go, so don’t worry.
But just in case, I’ll talk to the kitchen staff.
Would you please wait for me for a moment?”


As soon as Cecilia asked me for permission, she quickly left the room.
I went to the window and sat waiting for her.

Looking out of the window for a long time, I sighed deeply.

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“But… what dog is the Grand Duke talking about?”

However, the letter that Grand Duke sent me earlier kept bothering me.
Was there any other dog?

I leaned against the window frame and looked far away.

At that time, not too far away, I heard the wolf crying.
It wasn’t just that.
The trees in the forest shook severely as if they were moving.

“Is that the wolf?”

Was it called a silver wolf? With unknown expectations, I leaned my body out all the way over the window.
I only heard the sound of it, but I had never actually seen a wolf.
What should I do?

I thought I would see a silver wolf.

In fact, the trees moved more and more towards me.
But not long after, the movement stopped, as if it didn’t move at a certain distance.

“Is it not coming? I really wanted to see the silver wolf…”

I mumbled out into the air out of regret, but there was no reason for the wolf to listen to me and come.

There was no more movement after getting closer to each other at some distance… until a long time passed.

After that, Cecilia entered the room.

“My Lady!”

“Oh! You’re already here?”

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I ran because I thought you were looking forward to it.”

Not that I wasn’t, but sweat had really formed on Cecilia’s forehead.

“No, so I think we can go right now.”


I dried my mouth without realizing it.

“Yes! I got permission right away.”

“It’s not meal time, so they’re free.
They said that if you’re going, then now is the right time.”


Now I finally found something to do.
If we go to the kitchen, we would find it easily.

“Hey, don’t you think there’s no reason for you to leave now?”


“You definitely said you wanted to go because you didn’t trust the kitchen people, but you’re eating well now.”

Cecilia, who smiled brightly, looked at me while moving her eyebrows up and down.

“Is that so?”

Mumbling my words, she continued to force me to answer.

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“Oh, no.
That’s… It’s just…”

“I’m kidding.
Sometimes I dare to joke around thinking that I want you to express your honest feelings.”


“You’re actually going to bring a cup of chocolate from the kitchen, right?”

Cecilia looked more joyful than ever.

“I-I don’t!”

“Are you sure you’re not?”

As I saw her asking back, I thought of a good idea at the moment.

‘If you say it’s rather like that, you wouldn’t be more suspicious.’

This job was very important to me.

Because it’s something to prove my usefulness, I shouldn’t be suspected.

Finishing that thought, I nodded my head profusely.

Cecilia looked like she had already dismissed my statement about the food probably being poisoned as an excuse.

“You got me.”

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“You love chocolate so much that you put up a mask.”

“I think chocolate is the perfect food God has made.
It’s really the best!”

“In fact, chocolate is said to be God’s favorite food.”

“…Is that so?”

“Of course.”

I just said anything, but I couldn’t hide my embarrassment for a moment when I tripped.


“Yes, then let’s go.”

While struggling from the slight absurdity, Cecilia took the lead in walking.
I followed her like that.

As soon as we left the room, Cecilia began nagging.
Although she said it’s not good to eat too much chocolate, it’s good to eat a lot of anything so I didn’t think about that with chocolate.

She added that even if she said so, she felt that it didn’t work for me, and that Cecilia told a story about God in the past.

“God, who loved chocolate so much, couldn’t control himself and eventually became a wicked devil! It’s scary, right? Chocolate is that dangerous!”

As if to scare me, Cecilia made a threat, though it didn’t feel like that, but I clapped my hands and concluded.

“Even God couldn’t stop loving chocolate, so what makes me then?”

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