Cecilia put down the small tray on the table I was designated with, as if she had come to a conclusion.

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“So what’s the snack for today?”

“Strawberry whipped cream cake.”

“Strawberry! Whipped cream! Cake!”

It’s just not the perfect combination.

The chocolate cake was great, but strawberries were also amazing.
On top of that, the whipped cream was like a fluffy cloud, so I felt goosebumps all over my body.

Cecilia, who was looking at me, smiled quietly and opened the lid of the tray.

Then a cake with a covered strawberry appeared right in front of me.

“Wow! It’s a cake!”

“I must give you a cake every day to hear your bright voice.”

“…Oh, did I sound like that?”

“Yes, you look the happiest.”

“…Hey, it’s delicious.
I wish I could eat this with my mom.”

“I’ll have another cake once your mother wakes up.”

Cecilia put a small fork in front of me.

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“Yes, but who’s out there? Was it the one who brought this?”

“Yes, it was one of the maids I met last time that must be from the kitchen.
I guess that’s why she baked the cake herself after hearing that you ate it well.”

“I see.”

But Cecilia, who had finished talking, just looked at me.
Her gaze was a little strange, so I stared at Cecilia.

“Why? Do you have something to say?”

“You won’t doubt today’s cake? Maybe it’s poisoned.”

“…I didn’t hear you.
But maybe.”


“Even if it’s poisoned, I’ll eat it all.”

Cecilia grinned and sat down in the chair in front of me.

“Don’t worry.
I’m not going to steal it.
I was just worried that you might suspect the maid at that time.”

“…I’ve heard that none of the people who bring me delicious food are bad.”

Of course, they’ve been beaten to bring delicious food before, but no one played with food in the Grand Duchy.

“That’s right, so don’t worry and eat.”


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“In fact, I was worried that you might feel a little rejected because of what happened last time.”

“I’m not worried.
The Grand Duke… I think he’s done a good job.”

I cut the cake with a fork and took a big bite.

At that moment, the soft texture of the cake made me feel like my whole body was flying.


“That’s a relief, in many ways.
I was very worried that you might have been suspicious.”

I laughed at her as she stared at me, who mumbled the end of her words.



I felt great with a cake in my mouth.

“Don’t worry.
I don’t get surprised or cry a lot because of that.”

“My Lady.”

“It’s been quiet since then.
There’s no assassins, but there’s a room guard.
I can feel the slight mana in there, and it seems like Grand Duke did something here, so I’m totally fine.”

Although she spoke gallantly without worrying, Cecilia’s face hardened quickly.

“I hope you don’t mind being a little child.”

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“This is me.
This is me being child-like.”

“…Is that so… But His Highness was sorry.
I wanted to change rooms right away, but I heard there’s no safer room than here.”

“It’s okay, really.”

“You’re such a sweet person.
It’s heartbreaking that you’re forcing others not to worry.”

I tried to deny it, but somehow, Cecilia looked sad, so I only ate and ate the cake enthusiastically.

“But it won’t happen again.
Come to think of it, My Lady, don’t you think I’m not enough? I thought it would be better to have at least one person in the room when I left the room.”

“I don’t really need it.”

“But I think you’re waking up at a time when I’m not here these days.”


“In the early morning.”

Was I getting caught now?

It was the fact that I get up early every morning.

It was all to get rid of the bread, but this morning was the last time that I would get rid of the last piece of the bread.

It didn’t happen way too early, but Cecilia was even more determined than ever.

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“…Well, if you think you need it later…”


“And the maids don’t like me.”

“That’s true.”

Cecilia, who was being too honest, stopped my fork for a moment.

“But there are people who aren’t like that.”

“Is there anyone like that?”

“Yes, the maid who came today to apologize to you.”

“Ah! Anas?”

“Do you remember her?”

“Yeah, it’s just… it’s stuck in my memory.”

I remembered her act differently from other maids.
I thought it was just that, but she did come to me to apologize.

“But did she keep coming to apologize?”

“Yes, she’s the one who brought cookies without a notice.
Last time too, with the chocolate cake.”

Ah, only then did I remember Cecilia’s reaction being strange.

“She said she wanted to apologize to me, but why didn’t she just bring me the snack and come to apologize?”

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