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“Yes, I’m actually really strong.”


“What is it? Your eyes tell me you don’t believe me at all?”

“No way.
I totally believe it.”

He really was strong, though.
He’s born with the power of magic that was on par and could defeat the Grand Duke.

I was sure of it.
It’s just that he didn’t know how to refine it.

It was going to take a long time for him to control it.

It wasn’t hard for me, who was a natural child prodigy in magic, to use that power, but it would normally have been very difficult.

But my brother seemed disappointed, so he nodded roughly and put cookies of a different colour in his mouth.
He was saving the last chocolate cookie last.

However, the new cookies differed in the amount of chocolate and tasted different.

It’s actually delicious.

But while I was eating the cookies, Allen added another commitment.

“I’m serious.
Wait for me.
I’ll prove it in a month.”

“You know what?”


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“I don’t mind if you’re not strong.”


“Yeah, so don’t push yourself too hard.”

“Are you worried about me? Bebe is so nice.”

Allen, who seemed to be happy and just smiling, put one chocolate cookie in his mouth.

My face hardened for a moment.

Allen, who didn’t know that, even drank milk at once.

“Good! You need to be strong.”

My cookies… The bad guy who ate my lovely chocolate cookies… I was so angry for a moment, but I couldn’t say anything to Allen, who tried so hard for me.

‘I’ll ask Cecilia to bring me more.’

I tried to calm down my anger at the thought.
Meanwhile, Allen laughed and cried like a person flipping from hot to cold.

“Oh! It’s training time soon.
Ahh… I’ll have to go.
Ah, there’s no way for me to be strong without training.”

While Cecilia was away, I asked my brother the ultimate question.



“But why don’t you ask me anything?”

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“That day.
The thing I said as a secret.”

Allen, who went down from his chair and walked towards me, patted my pretty, braided hair.

“It’s your secret!”


“You’re not supposed to say secrets recklessly.
And I know Bebe will tell me later!”


The Grand Duke, who has learned of this power, never asked me how I got this power or what it was, at all.

The Grand Duke, Allen, and Cecilia just accepted me and my strength entirely.
I was wondering why they wouldn’t ask anything, but listening to Allen, I could see why they didn’t.

‘I guess everyone is waiting for me to tell them.’

Just thinking about it made me feel something ticklish in my heart.

In the past, the Emperor, who found out that I had this power, tormented me terribly because of how I used my power and how much mana was in my body.

I was asked again and again how I could use magic without a single spell.

If I didn’t answer, it was natural for them to hit me.

The same went with the knights.

They were afraid of me, saying that useless things have powers.
Instead, they would spit out fear with violence.

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‘After my mother left, living with them knowing my powers was terrible.’

That’s why the behavior of the people here felt more strange.

‘Is it the same thing as being considerate?’

Maybe I was so flabbergasted, so I didn’t ask anything.

As I was mumbling between my past thoughts and my current situation and fiddled with my hands, Allen gave me a big hug.

“I’ll wait for you to tell me, even if it takes decades.”


“So don’t feel pressured, okay?

“Uh, yeah.”

“Then I’ll be back!”


“Tell me face to face.”

Allen, who leaned down and made eye contact with me as if he were trying to see if I’m fine, cupped my cheeks and forced my head up.

“It’s okay!”

“…Let go of me!”

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“I was worried that you might make a different expression.
That’s a relief.
Then I’ll go!”


Allen then waved and went outside.

While looking at Allen, Cecilia, who was talking to someone outside the door, came inside.
She then lifted the silver tray.

“You two look like you are on good terms.”

“We aren’t.
I’m just trying to please him enough.”


“By the way, what was that? Who’s out there?”

“This is your snack.”

“Snack? Not what he just ate?”

My eyes opened so wide because of the ‘snack’ she mentioned.

People were so strange.
I thought I’d only be happy when I eat, but I get greedy every day because I eat delicious snacks.

It’s good to eat delicious food, but I wanted to eat more delicious snacks.

“Yes, but I’m worried.
I think you’ve been eating too many snacks lately.”

“You eat well, too! So there’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s true.
Most people say they won’t eat if they eat a lot of snacks, but you eat well and you eat a lot of snacks.”

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