“Oh, does it hurt?”

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Only then did she reduce her arm’s strength.
Thanks to this, I gained the freedom to breathe.

“It’s okay now! More than that, Cecilia, I slept really well.”

“Sigh… you really… It’s not something you should laugh about.”

“Why? I’m going to talk with a smile.
I feel good.
I feel good to see Cecilia look so worried about me.”

It was very strange.

Obviously, my mother was attacked, and the victims were angry at being in the room.
I didn’t feel bad even though I fell down with all my strength to defeat them.

Rather, I felt good.

It’s just good.
It’s good because I think good things will happen.
My heart was unusually pounding, and I couldn’t control my laughter that bursted out within me because of it.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes! More than that, Cecilia.
How long has it been since I fell asleep?”

“I think it’s been about half a day since you fainted.
Not even half a day.”

“It took a little long.”

Did I use more power than I thought? I stroked my chin quite seriously.

I need to recalculate how much force I used to make me collapse.

“I think I slept more because I’m young.”

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“My Lady.”

As I got serious from calculating, Cecilia suddenly stuck her head in front of me.

“Oh my god!”

“…I was the one who was surprised.”

Looking at her complaining, I scratched my head awkwardly.



I might fall asleep like this after that.”


Since she was the closest person, there was definitely a need to tell her in advance.
Because of this, I laughed at her more than I did a while ago.

“What do you mean…”

“Don’t worry about it.
I didn’t faint at all.
I just fell asleep.
Oh! I saw somewhere that babies usually fall asleep suddenly.
You can think of it as that.”

“That’s for babies.
You’re a child, My Lady.”

“…You don’t have to be surprised, anyway.”

However, Cecilia looked at me with wrinkles forming on her forehead as if she still didn’t believe me.
I sighed deeply, as if I had learned something.

“…There must be some circumstances that My Lady can’t even tell me, so I won’t ask any further.
But please tell me one day.”

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“Yes! I’ll tell you one day, Cecilia.”

It was very strange.

I wasn’t sure if it’s been a while since I slept well or because I held the penguin doll tightly, or maybe because the wind was good.
It’s difficult to tell now.

However, it felt as if my old emotions that had been dormant had gone away.

“My Lady… I think your expression has brightened more than before.”

“No I’m not! What do you mean ‘brightened up’? Because you’re nice to me, that’s why.
You think I’m really something.
Don’t overreact like that!”

“It’s good to hear your grumbling voice.
This is how you should be, My Lady.”

Cecilia only smiled as if she was glowing.
I looked at her and gestured towards the chair next to her.

“What’s that?”

“That thing?”

It was a chair full of blankets.
Before becoming a butterfly, it was around that time that a head came out of a blanket with a strange pupa-like shape.

“Cecilia, a sound…came outtt!”

A black hair popped out of it.

“Bebe, it’s really Bebe!”


I didn’t expect it, but it really was Allen who jumped out of there.

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“She had really woken up!”

As if the blanket itself was moving, Allen ran to me with the blanket wrapped around him.


“Do you know how worried I was because I thought you wouldn’t wake up?”

Allen’s expression on his face looked so foreign as it filled with fatigue.

“I told you, right Brother? There’s nothing to worry about.”


“What’s wrong with your face, Brother?”

“What’s wrong with my face?”

Due to what I have abruptly said, Allen hurriedly turned his face.

He looked quite cute when he touched his face in a hurry because his cheeks were like a duck.

“It’s so awkward.”

“Really? Should I wash up?”

“It’s fine.
What do you mean wash up?”

Cecilia, who took turns looking at us, smiled.

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“My Lady, the Young Master has been here since you collapsed.
The Grand Duke also came and went.
He didn’t sleep either.”

Well I expected that the Grand Duke would come by and just go, but I was a little surprised that Allen had been here since then.

“Ah… Did you really do that?”

“…You said you wanted me to be in front of you when you opened your eyes.”

Allen, who scratched his head shyly and awkwardly, laughed.

“Just because of that?”


I was very little- no, very touched.

“You stayed here without even sleeping?”

“I don’t have to sleep because I’m strong.”

For that, a black shadow was cast under Allen’s eyes.
His face was even skinnier than yesterday.



“You look like a good big brother.”

“Is that so?!”


I didn’t dare to say my gratitude.
I just had no choice but to laugh.

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