My pajamas were long and they kept getting caught on my feet.

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But Cecilia shook her head looking at my face.

“Maybe you’ll get at least a hundred.”


“At least a hundred sets of suits were given to His Grace, who had been unable to see what he had missed.”

“A h-hundred?”

“Yes, that’s a little more than usual, but it’s normal.
The children of the Grand Duke change their clothes three or four times a day.”

I was so surprised that my mouth went agape.
I then pointed my hand at Allen, who was like a turtle in front of her.

Cecilia, who looked at my hand, smiled awkwardly only then.

“He’s been wearing the same clothes all day.”

“There are exceptions everywhere.”

“Is that so… but a hundred is too much.”

“But you don’t have any of your clothes, so you have to get that right.
But there’s nothing to worry about.
I’ll just measure the size and take care of the rest.
I was relieved that I would pick all the clothes that fit My Lady’s taste, but somehow I felt anxious.”

But Allen, who didn’t know how I felt, jumped off the chair and stuck close to me.

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“Let’s go together! I’ve got to get new clothes!”

“Isn’t it not yet time for you to change clothes?”

“No- well, it’s time for me I guess.
I’m a little tall, so I don’t think my clothes fit me.”

I knew it was a ridiculous excuse.

Cecilia looked a little embarrassed because of that.

“You don’t want to?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do, but…”

“Then I’ll go with Bebe.”

Cecilia, who was mumbling, nodded as if she had no choice.

“Then there’s nothing I can do.
Let’s go.”


Cecilia took the lead and went out first, thinking that Allen could not be stopped.

I followed Cecilia and approached my mother.
On the other side of the room, to my mother who sleeps in a big bed.

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“Mom, I’ll be back.
I’ll be right back, so sleep!”

Fortunately, my mother’s complexion gradually returned.
Her cheeks, which had been as pale as if they were about to turn to sheet, turned red.

Her lips, which had turned blue, also turned pale.
Looking at my mother, I put a penguin doll next to her to protect her.

“Don’t worry about Bebe.
I’ll take good care of you.”

As if he were something, Allen looked at my mother and greeted me.

“Let’s go, Bebe.”


So we came out of the room and called Cecilia.

Maybe it’s a road that I’ve never been to.
Cecilia took the lead unlike the usual.
Allen and I followed suit.

Allen’s maid, servant, and knight followed suit.

As if my appearance was surprising, the family’s employees stopped around us like last time.

But unlike before, no one was picking a fight with me.

‘That’s because Allen’s here.’

In fact, the employees were surprised to see me, but even more surprised to see Allen next to me.

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Those views continued until we reached our destination.

“This is the main drawing room.
It’s usually used by a large number of guests or when they need a lot of space.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Come on in.
She’s already here.”

As soon as Cecilia’s command was heard, the servants guarding the room opened the tightly closed door.

It was the first time someone opened the door for me, so there was a bit of tension.

Then the door finally opened.

I was a little surprised when I looked inside.

It was a colorful room that made me feel that it was full of gold.
The ceiling was high and the wallpaper was splendid.
Even the items placed were decorated with gold.

Besides, the size of the room was huge enough to add up to ten rooms I had.

“It’s really big.”

“What I mean is this is a parlor that’s about the size of a small banquet hall.”

“I see.”

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Allen added an explanation, leading me to a nearby sofa in surprise.

Thanks to him, I followed him, hiding my surprise.
But there were other uninvited guests in the room besides us.

“So rustic.”

The voice, which sounded as if being poked by a needle, was so obvious from afar and can totally determine who it really was.


“As expected.
It’s the impostor.
You must be excited to buy yourself new clothes, right?

“Yes, but I didn’t expect you to come.”

“Of course, I’m the Lady of this family.”

Allen, who was standing in the middle and listening to our conversation, hardened his face.

“Harris, why are you bothering Bebe?”

“I didn’t even bother her.
I’m just talking a little bit.
And Allen, why are you here?”

As if it was true that she didn’t like Allen, Harris expressed her discomfort towards him.
It was as if she was not intimidated towards Allen.

“I can’t believe you don’t even call me Brother even now.
I guess you haven’t changed even a bit.
Harris, I’m just here to get my sister’s clothes tailored.
But why are you here?”

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