Her mother had been assaulted by the Emperor and knights on her behalf.
That’s why her mother died on her 5th birthday every time.

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Exactly nine times, the day of her mother’s death was the same.

The fake Emperor continued to commit violence against her mother, and she was destined to die today.

And this time, it was only this time that she was able to perfectly use her power.

“Mother was so worried that she couldn’t see her baby.”

“That can’t be.
I’ll always be with mama.”

“That’s a relief.
Are you alright? Are you hurt? What’s going on? When I woke up, I found myself here.”

Her mother, who didn’t know what was going on, looked around as her eyes rounded.

Of course, it was natural for her eyes to turn to the Grand Duke standing in front of them.

Afraid of her daughter being abused again, her mother hurriedly hugged her just in case.

“W-who are you?!”

“Mama! Well, that nice mister must have saved us!”

“What are you talking about?”

“When I woke up, that mister was already here! I woke up before mama.”

Her mother frowned at her words, then stared at the man.

Like her mother, she shifted her gaze to the Grand Duke.

The eyes of the Grand Duke, who stood leisurely while watching them, dimmed.

As if to not show that he was flustered, his very lean body hardened.
However, she could detect that little change because she has always been conscious of others.

“I-is that so? Did you…save us from there?”

“…From the looks of it, I guess so.”

Looking at him, her eyebrows slanted.

‘I will not let mama get caught.
I possess strong power.’

She had already told her mother of her power in the past.

However, her mother was devastated when she found out.
Her mother said it was not a blessing but a curse because she is too young, thus, she must hide it.

‘I’m sure she’ll say the same thing this time.’

If the Grand Duke tells her mother how they got here, she was certain her mother would worry about her.

Fortunately, the Grand Duke didn’t say anything else, contrary to her worries.

Instead, he looked at her and her mother, then laughed as if it was funny.

Perhaps she came to her senses a step late, her mother stood up with an ‘ah.’

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“I’m sorry! I didn’t know.”

Then she bowed at the waist to the Grand Duke.

Mama is not in any condition to bow yet.’

She tried to stop her, but her mother was too fast.

“Thank you.
I don’t know who you are, but…You saved our lives from hell.”

At this point, she was suspicious because her mother is very sick.

But it was impossible to judge objectively.
After all, her mother was on the verge of death.

The Grand Duke, unaware of that fact, stared at her intently.

She turned her head around because she felt a lot of pressure.

“Mama, what about the place you’re hurt?”

“I-it’s alright now.
I feel like my energy is renewed.
A kind man called a doctor gave me medical treatment.”


She stopped in a hurry.

“A doctor? Have you been treated mama?”

I just came back from treatment.”

“Then mama wasn’t here because…”

“I was treated in another room because the doctor feared that you might disturb me.
Although nobody told me where I was…”

When she saw her mother stroking her hair with her skinny hands, she turned her eyes to the Grand Duke.

“You…are a good man after all!”

She changed her mind again.

‘For curing mama, I will make Grand Duke Avelon my papa.’

‘I can do that because I’m strong.’

“Bebe, be polite.
Nonetheless, I’m indebted to you for saving us…”

“It’s fine.
Your child doesn’t have to be reserved.”

Like watching an interesting play, he stood crooked with his arms folded.

Then, he looked at her and creased his eyebrows.

“Ah, by the way, why would you save us?”

Now that her mother has fully recovered, her eyes were shining brightly.

So she can finish her negotiation with the Grand Duke, she quickly turned her mother’s attention to something else.

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“Uh, mama.
That kind of thing you can ask later! Mama’s face has turned paled.
Quickly go to sleep.”


“You’ve been awake for a long time.
It’s too much.
Go sleep.”

“Bebe, mother is really okay…! I have even more energy today!”

You’ve collapsed every time we met each other after being hit.”

With a pout, her mother walked all the way to the bed.

She forcefully led her mother’s body, which is as frail as hers.
The body of her mother, who protected her from the fake Emperor and knights all this time, was like a withered tree.

They were only given a loaf of bread and milk, which seemed to have gone bad, each day.
Even so, her mother would give it to her.
That’s why her mother was nothing but skin and bones.

“Mama…is sick.
So listen to Bebe!”


“Mama, listening to Bebe has never been wrong!”

“T-that’s true.”

“So listen to me and don’t fall down again.”

Only then did her mother slowly move.

Mama, get well soon…so you can give Bebe a lot of hugs…”

“Don’t worry and quickly lie down.”

“But Bebe, if I lie down here…”

“Don’t refuse.
This is a prepared guest room for you to rest.
You can relax.”

“C-can I…?

Looking up, she saw her mother’s pupils shook incessantly.

“Of course, mama.
So lie down.”

After being urged several times, her mother finally put her butt on the bed.

“But Bebe, I haven’t even properly greeted the lord who saved us…”

“Gosh, he’s a kind man, so it’s okay.


Seeing him reacting moderately, she patted her mother’s chest lying in bed.

My mama.
Go to sleep.
Sleep comfortably.”

Look, your cheeks are red.
Mama, you must be getting a fever!”

“Huh? No… I’m in good condition today.
I took some medicine!”

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She put her hand on her mother’s head, who was struggling to stay awake.
Even though she can’t use powerful magic, it’s not hard to put her mother to sleep.
She won’t faint after such a small magic.

“Mama, good night.”

“I’m not sleepy…”

“You’re going to sleep.
Good night, mama.”

As soon as a warmth flowed from her hand and through her mother’s body, her mother fell asleep.

She put her ears to her mother’s face.
It was not long before she felt slight breathings.
Covering her with a blanket, she jumped off the bed.

“Is that also magic?”

“That’s right.
Thank you for treating my mama.”

“She says she’s not feeling very well.
You seem to be able to use magic, so why didn’t you cure her?”

“I can’t cure her.”

The only drawback of her magic is that she can hurt others but not heal them, and that when she dies, time rewind on its own.

It’s only when she turned five that she could start using magic.

She thought her mother dying was the trigger, but it was not.
It was her fifth birthday that was the starting point.

‘I told them not to bully mama because my power could be used instead, but I couldn’t prove it, so mama would be hit by the Emperor every time.’

Because of her power, the Emperor would even use her as a weapon or as an experiment.

“Anyway, let’s sign a contract.
It has to be you.”

She swept down her mother’s hair, then reached out her hand to him.

“I have only one condition.
I want you to take care of my family! Ah, of course, that includes my mama!”

She thought this was not a bad condition and that he had enough room for the both of them anyways.

Nonetheless, she was grateful for the room they were in right now.
And at any rate, she was determined to offer anything the Grand Duke wanted, but he shook his head.

“I have no intention of doing so.”


“I’m not lacking strength to the point of signing a contract with a child.”

She looked up and made eye contact with him.

“Strength, you need strength!”

“Why do you think I need it?”

“You want to be an emperor! I would be a lot of help.”

He wanted to be emperor more than anyone else.

She is certain he won’t fail if there’s someone next to him who’s as good and strong as her.

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“I want to be emperor? Why do you think so?”

“Because I have special powers.
I know how you feel!”

“That’s ridiculous.
You want me to believe that with no evidence?”

“Haven’t you seen a little bit? That I’m strong?”

‘Of course, being strong and being special was different, but it should be enough to impress him.’

“You’re telling me to just believe you?”

You just have to trust me.”

She looked at him fiercely.

The Grand Duke, who seemed to be agonizing over it, didn’t say anything for a long time, then finally opened his mouth.

“I can’t even dismiss what you said as a lie because of what you’ve shown.”

“Yes! So.
Trust me.”

“But even if it’s true, you should not say such words about a rebellion lightly.”

“…You mean I might die?”

“Of course.”

“I’m not worried about that.
I’m not afraid of death.”

She has already died nine times.

So she was not afraid.

She’s only afraid of losing her mother.

“And you want to be an emperor!”

The Grand Duke was taken aback by her determination, but soon came back to his senses.

‘Only this man can protect mama.’

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“It’s a rebellion.
It’s a sin just by saying it.
Even if it came from a child.”

“I know.
How heavy such words are.
But the Emperor… He killed my papa.
And he abused my mama and me.”

His eyes dimmed, perhaps by her unexpected remark.

“Ah, papa.”

“I’m the last heir left by the late Emperor.
Isn’t this quite attractive to you? Besides, you saw it.
I’m really strong.”

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