“My Lady?”

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It was then…

Cecilia came right in front of me.

She sat down and gazed at me, as if she were trying to make eye contact with me.


“You don’t have to pay too much attention to Miss Harris.
I didn’t tell you that so you could pay attention to what I said today.
I just wanted to say that you don’t have to care anymore.
That’s what Miss Harris is supposed to be like, and I’m just trying to tell you that this is a situation that happens frequently.”


“Unusually, Miss Harris doesn’t like Lady Bebe, but that doesn’t matter.”

I just nodded my head.

“You are you, My Lady, and that same goes with Miss Harris.
You don’t have to mind it.”


I wanted to say that I was making this expression and acting this way because I felt uncomfortable about Harris’ birth.
But for that, I had to bring up things in the past that could be my weakness or my strength.

That was one thing about Harris, which was not clear yet.
I just looked at her and nodded because I couldn’t say it.

‘I’m not even going to believe it.’

Actually, I’ve died nine times.
I knew the future, and the Grand Duke would die while he was trying to rebel.
That happened around my sixth birthday.
I just smiled at her and looked at her to see what I could say.

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Cecilia slowly rose from her seat, perhaps thinking that this conversation was all over.

“Then I’ll go out and get some snacks.”


It was not until Cecilia had checked out that she sat down by the window.

“One year should be left from now?”

One year from Grand Duke’s treason.
But doing treason was not something you do right away just because you wanted to do it.

So the Grand Duke must have been ready for quite some time.

“Then are they still preparing for treason?”

I had a lot of questions, but I couldn’t find them right away.

First, I should find the bad guys here.

Then the memories of the past should come to my mind, especially what the Emperor said.

He was more sensitive than anyone else when selecting the family members, but he couldn’t even identify the spy in an important place.
He laughed at the Grand Duke.
It reminded me of jumping from one place to another.

“Poison! That’s right.
He said he gave him poison.”

A hazy memory came to mind.

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It was definitely about poison.
And the killer was…

Knock, knock.

“My Lady, it’s Cecilia.”

“Uh, yeah! Come on in.”

Just as I was trying to figure out the culprit, Cecilia came inside.

She came back so quickly that I thought it was a bit much to assume that she had even been to the kitchen.

The sudden sound rushed me to the table and sat down.

“You’re here early?”

“Yes, I’ve prepared it in advance.”


“Yes, I heard it’s chocolate cake today.
That’s why I asked them for me to take it out in advance when they came back from the palace.

“Wow…! Cake… is that chocolate? It’s my first time eating chocolate cake!”

“That’s a relief.
I’ll tell them to make something more delicious next time.”

“…Make it for me?”

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“I was wondering if the chefs and others didn’t like me either.”

Cecilia smiled slowly, noticing at once that it was because of what happened in the garden last time.

“Don’t worry.
Also, the Head Maid heard about the maid afterwards and punished her.”

“…Even if she was punished, it would still be the same since everyone has to be hostile to me.”

“Not everyone is like that.
Don’t worry, especially the kitchen people.
They would never do that.”

At that moment, a good idea came to mind.

You have to go to the kitchen to find the poisoner, and if you go to the kitchen for no reason, everyone must be suspicious.

Then, was there another opportunity as good as this situation?

“I don’t care if they show hostility to me.
Ha, but you never know.
Maybe there is something weird in my food!”

I deliberately vented my anxiety on Cecilia.
Only then did she cover her mouth in surprise.

“No, there’s no one who would do that! That would be horrendous!”

“You don’t know.
Are all the people here reliable?”

“Sure, they all come in through thorough verification.”

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After hearing those words…

In fact, it didn’t matter if I put poison in the food or return food I didn’t think I could eat.

Because I’ve been eating weird things, I’ve been resistant to poison and I’ve been able to eat a lot of food that I can’t eat.

But on purpose, I looked at her with a hurt look.

I wanted to hear what I really wanted.



“Then, can I go to the kitchen later?”


“I want to see if they’re really trustworthy!”

Cecilia, who was showing signs of astonishment at the very moment, nodded.

“It’s not a good place for you to go, but I’ll take you there if you promise me first.”

It was to make sure it didn’t look like there were any other intentions…

‘She didn’t notice it, did she?’

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