I didn’t want materialistic things.

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‘Oh, maybe I should want something materialistic.
If I have lots of money, then I can go anywhere I want to go?’

But the idea quickly disappeared.

Even if I ran away like that, I’d be caught by the Emperor.

I needed someone to protect us.

So I just turned my head away.

“What if it isn’t?

“Uh, uh, what I mean is…”

“Or do you want land? Or a jewel mine?”

“No, it’s not like that.
I-I just need a document!”

Unexpectedly, his lips curled up.

“One document.”

“C-Can you do it for me?”

“Yes, of course, but I wonder how great your wish is.
You wouldn’t write all that in a document, would you?”


I turned my head away again.

“I know.
You’re not that kind of kid.”

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He looked at me amusingly with a smile on his face, but I did not hate the expression on his face.

What a strange person.

He was obviously handsome, but the way he looked at people was not that nice.

The cold gaze he gave me isn’t all that cold.

“Your Highness.”

“There’s no point in rushing me.”

The Grand Duke’s face turned cold as he instantly shifted his attention to the urgency.

It was completely different from the expression he showed me earlier.

“You must be eating better than that.
I think you gained a little weight.”

“Yes! Didn’t my cheeks get a little chubby?”

“That’s right.
So next time, let’s get along like we are now.
If there’s anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable, feel free to talk to me.”

Then he lowered me to the floor.

Each and every touch he made was so careful.

Somehow, he reminded me of my dead father.

Of course, my dad smiled brightly every time he saw me, and the Grand Duke let out a laugh so small that I didn’t know if he really was laughing or not, but his eyes were really warm.

‘How could he make that kind of expression as if he is misleading people?’

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Still, I felt good since I heard that he would grant my wish.

“What’s your answer?”

“Okay, Dad!”

“I’ve heard the same thing from many children, and they give me different feelings.
Yours is especially a little strange.”

“Huh? What do you mean? What do you mean by that?”

I’ll see you later.”

After saying that, the Grand Duke went outside.

After watching the Grand Duke’s figure get smaller as he waved his hands, I moved my feet and approached my mother.

“Hmm! My mood is damn good at this moment!”

Shortly after, Cecilia came inside.
As I was humming and looking at my mother, her face brightened up.

“You must be in a good mood.”

“Yes! I’m feeling great today!”

“Really? His Highness will love it.
You’re happy because of the Grand Duke, aren’t you?”

“Yes! It’s true that I’m in a good mood, thanks to Daddy.”

It was then…

The opened door closed one step late.
It was such a strange timing that I thought it was closed after our topic just started a while ago.

‘Are they listening to us outside?’

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I tilted my head towards the door in wonder, but Cecilia only wondered what I was doing.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, no.
We just started our conversation and I thought the door was closed.”

“U-Um… is that possible?”

Unusually a little shocked, she came up to me awkwardly.

“More than that, His Highness gave me permission, so you have to choose between the two.”

“Pick? What do you mean? You’re saying he’s letting me out?”

All the ladies and masters of the Grand Duchess would usually call the salon to customize their clothes.”

“Ah! I see.”

“You can do that, or you can go out yourself.”

My heart pounded for a moment.

Going out.
It felt like I was flying.

“I-I-I want to go outside!”

“Is that alright with you?”

“Yes! I want to go out.
Not right now, but I’d like to see.”

The world… The world I’ve never experienced.
Now I want to see what I haven’t seen.

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“And I wish I could be there with my mother.”

Slowly, I turned to my mother.

Cecilia came up to me and trimmed my crumpled clothes while sitting on a chair.

“Then first, I’ll ask the Madame of the salon to come to the Grand Duchy.
Let’s get some temporary clothes prepared there, and once your mother wakes up, you can buy them altogether.”

“I love it.”

Then, you’ll have to eat better and take care of yourself, okay?”


“We are going out today, so let’s get out of here.”

Only then did I recall that she said we were supposedly going to the garden.

Already away from me, Cecilia lifted the basket near the door.

I was about to follow, but I stopped for a moment.

‘We’re not going to meet her, are we?’

I didn’t want to ruin this good feeling by meeting Harris on this one fine day.

But it didn’t suit me to read the countenance of Harris.

“Yes, let’s just pick the flowers and come back.”

If not today, I may be able to go out to the garden comfortably.

Having made up my mind again, I followed Cecilia out of the room.

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