It was the name of an animal that I have heard of since I was born.

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What did she mean by silver wolf? Will it be as beautiful as the moonlight? Does it shine like a star?

“It is said that silver wolves serve only one master and are never tamed.
From generation to generation, the Grand Duke has tamed the silver wolf.
The silver wolf had great power and is dubbed as the King of the Forest.
It is also known as the head of all animals.”

It was then…

As if it heard that we were talking about her, we heard the wolves crying in the never-endingly dense forest.

“D-Did it just…!”

“I’m sure she heard you.
Maybe she heard you telling her story.”

“I want to see it.”

“Aren’t you afraid? It’s a huge wolf you know!”

“Yes, I’m not afraid!”

The scariest thing in the world was not animals, but people.

‘I want to see that silver wolf.
How beautiful it would be.’

I leaned against the window in anticipation.

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There was also the anticipation that maybe she would know what I was saying and would come closer.

However, no matter how long I waited, the silver wolf never came near me.

Instead, Cecilia, who was watching me, went outside shortly after.

A few more days have passed.

In the meantime, Allen visited me every day and would look at me without a word, not that there was anything special about my face.

When I woke up this morning and just got out of the shower, Cecilia held out a flower.

“I think Master Allen likes you.
He left flowers today, too.”

“If he likes me… if you see the duck- I mean, Brother, tell him I don’t like flowers.”

There’s no way I didn’t like flowers.

There was nothing more pleasant than someone leaving while thinking of me every day.

And at least he left yellow flowers that looked just like me.
I just grumbled a bit.

“Okay, I’ll try to tell him that.
But don’t you like flowers?”

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“Yes, I want to go to the flower garden because of him.”

“Really? Then how about going to the garden today? Lady Harris won’t be coming out because it’s the day for a political meeting.”

Cecilia’s voice was different from usual, as if she remembered that it was not a very pleasant meeting.

“Really? Is she not coming out today?”

Lady Harris doesn’t like going to the garden anyway.”

“Then why is she there on that day?”

“…Don’t know? But you’ll be fine because she goes to every political meeting.”

I felt like I was hearing Cecilia’s words one after another.

I guess people’s work can change anytime, so they can’t say it conclusively.

“Okay, okay.
Then let’s go.
I’m going to go get the flowers before she comes out.”

I’m sure your mother will wake up soon if you do that.”

Even though I kept saying it was okay, Cecilia kept caring about my mother.

It’s not okay, but I thought she was saying it’s okay.
She even brought in a physician yesterday.

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She asked, ‘Would you like me to respond harshly then?’

“Okay then.
I’ll go and pick an armful of flowers today!”

“Yes, that’s great.
Just in case, I also prepared a basket.
I’m sure you’ll never lose your flowers like last time.”

There was a round basket on the table close to the exit door as if she knew we were going out.


“Well, since you’re done eating, let’s get ready to go out.”

As soon as I nodded, Cecilia dressed me as usual.

It was a dress as blue as the sky, though the dress was long, just like last time.
I also wore the same shoes.

“Would you like to stand up?”


“…Well, the shoes and clothes are so big.”

Cecilia looked at me for a long time.

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“It’s all right, it’s okay for me.”

“What do you mean you’re okay.
Last time you went out like this, you came back with feet full of blisters.”

Well she wasn’t wrong with that, so I only zipped my lips.

“When did you see me like that again?”

“Because it’s my job to look into everything about you.”

Attention was always burdensome.

But I think I’m used to it now.
As usual, I couldn’t really argue with Cecilia.

‘But she’s been looking after me for days.
I mean, I’m sure she’s not a bad guy.’

Knowing that I was clearly hurt by someone, I couldn’t help but feel my heart broken.

‘I believe I have a good intuition.’

As I continued to justify myself several times, I looked at Cecilia busily moving around the room.

“Maybe I should say I need to buy new clothes and shoes.
I’m also concerned about your empty dressing room.”

Coming here, I found out for the first time that it was a dressing room.

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