“After giving birth to twins like that, the Grand Duke said she would not give birth to any more children.
But about three years later, Her Highness Grand Duchess became pregnant again.
And that’s how they had their last child.”

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“Is that the one I saw earlier, Harris?”

“Actually, I’m not sure.”

“You’re not sure?”

“When the Grand Duchess was ill, she was kidnapped on their family outing.
Half a year later, the Grand Duchess died.”

My heart sank for a moment.

“What about the baby?”

“It disappeared out of nowhere.
That’s why they’re going crazy.
His Highness acted like a madman.
It was a hell of a time here.”

Cecilia’s face turned blue as if she remembered that time.

“Everything changed after that.
Specifically, Lady Astor went to the academy earlier than the usual age after suffering from guilt, saying it was because of her.”

“I see, that’s why a lot have been coming here, calling themselves blood related to the Grand Duke?”

“Yes, especially Lady Harris, who had the Grand Duchess’ pendant.”

“Isn’t that right?”

In addition to the rumors, Harris looked just like the Grand Duke and the twins I met.

Bad luck, especially with Lexit.

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“She looks like part of his family no matter what.”

“So most people think it’s true, but we still have to wait and see.
Lady Harris does not have the power of the Grand Duke… and is talkative in many ways.”

“I see.”

She’s a little boring and predictable.

‘That’s why the girl named Harris came out so confidently.’

“But it’s a little strange.
Did they even ask for money?”

“After the kidnapping of the Grand Duchess?”


“There was no such thing.”

I turned my head away in wonder.

“It’s very strange.
It’s weird since a normal kidnapping would ask for money before killing the victim, and I wonder if no one in the wagon could protect the Grand Duchess.”

The kidnapping case didn’t have any clarity enough to make it feel like there was some other intention.
Cecilia smiled as if I was not the only one who felt it.

“Right, that’s why we don’t fully recognize Lady Harris as his child.”

Cecilia, whose smile froze, drooped her lips down.

“I see, but it’s not for me to care.”

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“Yes, and perhaps the Grand Duke cares more about Lady Bebe than Lady Harris.”

With what Cecilia said, I turned my head away.

“What are you talking about?”

“He appointed me as your nanny.”

“Does he think that Cecilia is a great person?”

“Of course, that’s why he sent me to Lady Bebe, so I’m more concerned.”

I felt a little better at Cecilia’s words.

‘Does he really care about me?’

Of course, I’m no better than his own child, Harris, but at least I gained his approval.

Such thoughts filled my head.
And finally, I clenched my fist and concluded.

“I’ve made up my mind.
I’ll work harder.”

“That’s a good idea.”

I will definitely show him my usefulness.
So even if I leave, I will create a future where they won’t let me go.

“I’ll be a useful human being!”

“A useful… human being?”

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“But your existence itself is already useful…”

“No, they say useless things ever since I was born.
I’m one of them now.”

Cecilia, who refuted my words, closed her mouth momentarily.

Maybe she didn’t know.

How scary the word ‘useless’ has been to the point that it haunts me.

‘Just like a stereotypical noble; a useless little girl who only eats rice.’

Also, I felt as if I could hear those words right in my ears.

Thus, I looked up and looked at Cecilia.

“I’ll be a useful human being.”

“Of course you will.”

Looking at Cecilia, who offered me comfort and care, I slowly approached the window.

I was dazzled by the unusually strong sunlight.

Come to think of it, spring has come.

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The first spring of my fifth birthday, when my mother survived without dying, was very pretty.

I sat by the window for a long time and looked at the scenery.

“Do you like it?”

My world has always been monochromatic, but now the world glittered before me.


“That’s a relief.”

Looking at it calmly, I looked at the window, strangely looking down at the forest, and made eye contact with Cecilia.

Obviously, I was on the first floor, and all I saw was the whole forest.

“Cecilia, is this on the top of the mountain?”

“Yes, the Grand Duke’s castle is on the top of the mountain.
This whole mountain is the Grand Duchy.”

Then it’d be easy to get away.

I didn’t mean to run away right away, but I always have to be prepared just in case.

“But that forest is full of scary animals.”

“S-Scary animals?”

“Yes, the silver wolf known for its wickedness is the most dangerous.”

“Silver wolf…”

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