“Well, can you wash up all alone?”

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“I won’t even touch you, so don’t get angry.
And if you behave like this to others, there will be strange rumors.
Who the hell did this to the young lady?”

Cecilia, who had always been angry, wiped my body with a soft cloth as if it were anyone else.

It was only then that I could clearly see the way Cecilia looked at my body.

My body was full of wounds.

For a moment, I wrapped my body with my hands.

“Don’t look.”

“…If you don’t want me to see it, I’ll close my eyes and wipe it.”

Cecilia closed her eyes and moved her hands again, as if she were trying to keep her promise.
Her hand was so soft, my heart tickled from the warmth.

She was definitely different from the adults I’ve ever faced.

The way she pretended to be a bad person all the time, and then changed, did not appear to be pretentious or false.

I felt for the first time that she was worried about me.

“…You know what?”

“Yes? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“…No, you know what? Everyone hates me here, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

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“…I thought you were a little bit nice, Cecilia, but I must have been mistaken.”

“That’s a good idea.
Think about it in the future.
Don’t trust people easily.”

I lost the ability to talk when I heard her unexpected words.

“I don’t know what kind of life you’ve been through, but I don’t want any of these… harsh wounds, so don’t trust people.
The most feared thing in life is people after all.”


“So don’t give me your heart.
If you try to force yourself to open up, you will only get hurt.
Don’t believe me, either.”

Speaking decisively, she opened her eyes slowly.

Her eyes, which were like a dark wall, looked at me wistfully.

“…Why are you acting like someone else?”

“I’m not pretending to be someone else, I’m just teaching you.
I’m a person who teaches manners and how to survive.”


“So go wash up and go out.
You have to eat.”


She spoke sinisterly, but one thing was clear.

She was not a bad person.

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Just as Grand Duke said, she really wasn’t.

“You know what?”

“Yes, go around once.
I’ll wipe it with a towel.”

“Oh, but I have a question.”

Ask me.”

“Who are the people trying to kick me out?”

“It’s hard to tell you because there are so many.”

“Are you the one trying to kick me out?”

Cecilia wrapped a large towel around me and brushed off my hair with a small towel.

“No, I obey the Grand Duke’s command.
His Highness called you a Lady, so you’re a Lady.
There’s no reason for you to be kicked out.”

I was a little embarrassed at her unexpected words.

I thought Cecilia was the one who wanted to kick me out, but her eyes didn’t seem to have that kind of idea at all.

She just looked like a busy person doing her own job.

“Then who are the ones who want me to be kicked out?”

“People who are threatened by the sudden appearance of your presence.”


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“If I may say so, wouldn’t it be the retainers?”

“I see.”

When I nodded still, Cecilia, who roughly brushed off my long hair, made eye contact with me.

“Your mother’s appearance is more threatening than yours.”

“Then can you tell me who it is?”

“Will the Lady listen well then?”

Meanwhile, she wiped me out and brought my pajamas.

“…You’re so cheap.”

“There’s nothing cheap about it.
Have a good meal, sleep tight, and I’ll let you know if you don’t lock the door.”


“You have to answer me.”


“Then let’s go eat.”

“…Your clothes got dirty.”

“That’s all right.
As long as you are finally clean.”

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It was my first time.

The fact that the person who suffered damage because of me didn’t say anything.

I thought for a moment that not all adults in the world are bad.



“A bad guy doesn’t usually say they are a bad guy.
They would say they are a good person.”

“Is that so?”

“So Cecilia is not a bad person.”

With her lips slightly curled due to my words, she then reached out to me.



“I’ll cut your hair after you eat.
I’ll trim your nails too.”

I didn’t trust her completely yet.
It’s just that I know she’s not a bad person.

I didn’t believe her, but…

Cecilia’s loving hands somehow resembled my mother, so I smiled timidly, with my head down to the floor.

“A grown-up woman… maybe she’s a little better.”

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