At that moment, the old man spoke less.
At the same time, I heard a loud iron drag across the floor.
Before I could even think “What was that?”, something penetrated through the small gap in the wall.

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Surprised, I managed to hold back my gasp.

I was not the only one who’s surprised, but a few people came running this way.

“Is there anything in there?”

“No, it’s just that I feel like there’s a scent wafting around here that I’m not used to.”

“It’s probably because of the fireplace.”

“Maybe it is.
Or maybe I am just too sensitive.”

The old man, who spoke in a low voice, flicked his tongue and glued his eyes close to the gap.

Fortunately, it was dark here, so he couldn’t see me outside.

“Let’s go home first.
If you stay here too long, the Grand Duke will suspect us.”


Then a steel skewer slid out of the gap again.

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If I was a bit slow, it would have injured my cheek, and if I didn’t hold back my groans, they would have figured out I was hiding by breaking down the wall.

I was glad to hear that.

Thanks to my experience in being abused in the past, I was naturally able to hold my groans back.
Now, it has helped keep me hidden from other people.

‘The old man may have noticed me.’

Meanwhile, I heard the men leaving, and eventually, the door closed.


If it were up to me, I would’ve ran to where they were just now and looked at the men who were speaking before, I didn’t want to get trapped in a dangerous situation.

There were no doors or windows here, so there’s no way they’ll ever know who’s saying those fishy things.

‘But he said Marquis, apparently.’

The old man stopped speaking halfway, but that was for sure.

In the meantime, nothing more was heard beyond the wall.
I thought someone suspicious was still over the wall and left behind in the room, but fortunately it didn’t seem to be.

‘He had a good instinct.
I should be careful.’

That one thing was for sure.
Maybe he’s the one that had a lot of people following him.

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I don’t know his name or appearance, but I knew he was the Marquis, so that’s already a big piece of information.

“I should get going then.”

After the silence, I took a step again.

‘Information is power.’

Whether small or large, it was important to get information.
Because of that, I walked and walked past several rooms for a long time.

Amongst them was Alan’s room and the staffs’ room.

Before I knew it, my whole body was soaked with sweat, and my chest felt so stuffy because of the dust.

The passageway, which was dimly lit, had occasional winds, but the wind was so weak that I could not feel where the exit was.

By the time I was so exhausted, I recalled familiar words.

“What shall I do, Your Grace?”

To be honest, I’m lost.

I completely lost my way to my mother.

I could use magic to get back, but I was looking for more information.

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And now I’m completely lost.

With my feet sore and myself thirsty, the Grand Duke’s words welcomed me.

Will it be the fireplace again?

I then slightly listened through the wall and listened to their conversation.

“What am I supposed to do from now on?”

I wondered if he was talking about the deceased earlier, but he didn’t seem to be.

“Well, I’m more curious about what the Grand Duke is worried about.”

“…I think she called me ‘daddy’?”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve heard it countless times through my children, but it felt strange.”

His words made me stick my face closer to the wall.

“Is that so?”

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“This is the first time I met a girl who looked like she was going to die and called me ‘dad’.
Isn’t it funny?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen her face yet, but the stories I hear are really interesting.
The new lady is just like when the twins were young.”

“…That would be pretty terrible.
They’ve blown up buildings so many times.”

“I guess so.
So what do we do now? She’s not opening the door again.

“I’m doing it all, and Cecilia is here asking me too.
What I’m going to do this time.”

When Cecilia’s name popped out, something poked me somewhere in my chest.

Should I go back? But I don’t even know the way back.
I guess I’ll just use magic to get back.
My face must be pretty scruffy, too.

I’ll fall asleep as soon as I get back, so I’m sure he’ll notice it.
I didn’t want to get caught coming in and out of here.

Meanwhile, the Grand Duke grinned.

“… She really is a tomboy princess… a tomboy.”

“I heard she didn’t even eat.
I can’t hear what she’s doing in the room.”

It was then…

I heard the sound of the chair creaking, as if the Grand Duke stood up.

“Maybe the tomboy princess is on a maze expedition.”

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