Why on earth were they talking about that here where I was organizing gifts? I couldn’t help but sigh.

“… So you’re going to leave, Harris?”

“Yeah, because you didn’t trust me.”

For a long time, the Grand Duke was silent.
I looked at them and turned to the gifts I had left to organize.

“Theo, shall we organize the presents?”

“Should I?”


The gaze of the Grand Duke and Harris reached us for a while at the sound of our muttering, but that did not stop us.

“Then why don’t you choose the gifts from this side first?”

“Let’s just clean up the food first.
And I want to open the package, too.
I think it’ll be fun.”

I approached Theo’s side and held a large box in my arms, but he was determined.

“Why don’t you open this?”

Theo handed me a box the size of his fist.

“…Why are you telling me to do a small one?”

I can do a big one, too!

“Uh… That’s… Well, I think it’s a little special.”

Theo, who was mumbling, kept pushing the box.
Eventually, I held a small box in my hand.

“I wanted to open a big one…”

“Try opening it up.
You’ll be satisfied.”

Theo, who kept pushing me, somehow looked happy.
I couldn’t help but try to rip open what he gave me.

However, Harris and the Grand Duke, who had not talked to each other for a long time, finally opened their mouths.

“I’ll be honest with you.
I cannot believe you.”

“Oh, how could you say that! D-Didn’t you think of me as your daughter all this time?”

As if she was shocked, Harris’s hands trembled.

“I thought you might be my daughter, that’s why I’ve done so many things to you.”

“Hah… How… How!”

“You didn’t prove it.
Otherwise, I can’t even leave you here anymore.”

“No! I don’t have to prove it! I have the blood of the Grand Duke! That’s why I can stay here!”

I wondered why Harris refused to prove herself so much, but now I think I know a little.

“Things like that can be said by anyone, Harris.
That’s all I have to say.
Prove it, and I’ll cherish you more than anyone else after.”

Originally, it was his own consideration for the Grand Duke, who hated useless children the most, but Harris was still angry.

“If I were your real daughter, I’d get out of this house!”

“Then I’ll support you to live comfortably.”

“That’s not it! That’s… Okay.
When are you coming? I’ll prove it.”

“A week later, so prepare until then, Harris.”


Unable to contain her anger for not getting what she wanted, Harris went outside with a huff.

However, the face of the Grand Duke, who was watching Harris as she left, hardened more than before.

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