“What’s going on? I didn’t know Harris was here.”

In the past, it was Harris who would have rushed to the arrival of the Grand Duke and would do anything, but today she was quiet.
Even looking at the Grand Duke, he bit his lips as well.
The Grand Duke approached Harris, seeming a little puzzled by her unusual appearance.

“You’re different than usual, Harris.”

Rather, when he paid attention to himself, Harris closed her mouth even more.

“What’s wrong with you?”

For a long time, Harris didn’t talk.
As if she knew that this would attract the Grand Duke’s attention, the child remained silent for a while.

“Are you not going to keep talking?”

“…You’re suspicious of me anyway, so I won’t say anything.”

“It’s just an unavoidable process.
You can bring that thing and prove yourself, but why are you so upset?

“Do you have to do that? Was I someone you can’t trust?”

Before I knew it, Harris’s eyes turned moist.
Looking at her eyes filled with resentment as if it were unfair, the Grand Duke sighed deeply.

“Harris, isn’t it not difficult? I’m just checking a bit of your blood.
Why are you so upset?”

“My dad doesn’t trust me.
After that came… it’s so sad that… you don’t think of me as your daughter!”

Tears dropped from Harris’s big eyes.

“I’m your daughter… I was so happy  to see you again… I was so happy to have a family…”

I stepped back from the affectionate reunion of the unexpected father and daughter.

Harris was that kind of kid.
I only think that she was such a gentle, good, and pretty person to the person she wanted.

‘You’re so good at acting.’

“I guess I haven’t been paying too much attention to you lately, Harris.”

“You didn’t make it that fancy on my birthday.”

“It’s because the more you go through it, the better it gets.”

His big hand stroked Harris’s head.
Watching that made me uncomfortable somewhere in my heart.
It’s not that I envied Harris, nor that I wanted the Grand Duke to only love me.

But it’s just that… I felt bad.

‘You shouldn’t have made it during spring because I wasn’t originally a member of this family.
It’s a bad thing for me to do that.’

Even if I tried to pull myself together with such thoughts, I couldn’t feel better.

I kept stepping back from them.
One step.
Two steps.

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