‘You can’t come out like this.
Because of Theo’s personality, he’s definitely going…get hurt.’

As I was contemplating on how to keep Theo from getting hurt, I saw the floor filled with dolls.

I made up my mind to do something, and after wandering for a while, I found a palm-sized chick.

“This! I will give it to you as a gift.”

“Is this a present?”

“Yeah! So you can’t just start arguing over dangerous things.
You have to take good care of the chick, okay?”

It was a doll the size of the palm of my hand, but when I put it in Theo’s hand, it was very small.

Still, he stared at it for a long time.

“I-Is it not good enough? Then did you want a bigger one?”

Theo didn’t like this.
Well, it’s not good for a big adult to have it.

But red hair and yellow looked better than I thought.

“Ummm… wait, I’ll do something else….”

“No, that’s enough.”


I was just surprised.
I’ve never had anything like this from someone I’ve never met before.”

“So you have to cherish it.
If the chick has a single scratch…”


“I will be angry.”

His mouth puffed out.
He was sincere, but I really didn’t want him to get hurt.

“All right.
I will protect this doll like it’s a young girl.”


“By the way, My Lady.”


He smirked, leaning down slightly and making eye contact with me.

“Have there been any rumors?”


“Have there been any rumors that I’m… going somewhere?”


Having said that, he looked quite serious.

But, originally, it was said that Theo’s personality was like that.
When he saw injustice, he couldn’t stand it, and they say that he would be the first to pick up a sword than anyone else.


“….All right.”

His expression became paler than usual, as if he had somehow discovered secrets.

He looked a little cute when he looked like he had no energy.

“I thought you would hate it.”

He was a really kind person.

He was a very good person who cared for the safety of the children of the Grand Duke until the end.
I smiled broadly at him.

“Thank you for listening to me.”

“Thank you.
You don’t have to say that.
You’re the one who has to give orders.”

“Anyway, then, shall I organize the presents now?”

“Ummm… Since My Lady has chosen me over Ms Cecilia, let’s try a little harder, shall we?”

His face hardened, but he was more confident than ever.

Theo looked around for a moment, then took a chair and placed it next to me.

“Sit down and I will unwrap the present.
If you don’t like it, I’ll fix it right away.”


“Then I’ll go get some knights.
Their hands are faster than you’d think.”

As I nodded, Theo poked his head out of the room and gave someone orders for a while.

And after a while, five knights entered the room.

“First, let’s organize the dolls.”


They were fast, and there were so many dolls that they couldn’t walk, but they were all organized on one side.
Since it was my brother’s gift, and not someone else, I had no choice but to accept them all.

“Still, I think she’s a sweet person, seeing that she didn’t throw away a single thing from the Young Master.”

“…I am not friendly! I’m just… just…”

Theo smiled slightly as he moistened his lips and began to unwrap the gift wrappers.
Some were as tall as him, and some were as small as the palm of my hand.

It’s been a while since I’ve opened it, so I just stared at them without saying a word.

At that time…

The door that had been closed swung open and an unexpected guest entered the room.

“I’m bewildered after waiting patiently, so now I’m here.”

When he turned his head toward the door in a sudden situation, Harris was standing there, huffing.

For some reason, Harris wore more plain clothes than usual, and was slim to the cheeks.

“Uh, long time no see, Harris.”

“Long time? Long time no see? Is it time for you to say that now?”

“Oh, then did you have to get angry?”

“Hey! Let’s see this.
Do you really think you’ve become something?”


“What happened to me?”

I smiled broadly when I saw Harris, who was trying to start an argument today.

“What are you arguing about today? I feel good today, so I think I will be able to accept all your arguments.”

“You will really regret it.
When I officially join the family, I will tell them to kick you out!”

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