At my words, the Grand Duke’s forehead wrinkled nicely.

“Huh! Daddy said don’t give dog food.
But I gave him food, so that’s the deal.”

A deafening laughter was heard.

“…No way.
Was that a way to win the favor of the Silver Wolf?”


“It is said that when the first Grand Duke was established on this land, he tamed the owner of this ominous land.
Thanks to that, it is said that he barely survived here.
But that arrogant, noble Silver Wolf has never been tamed by humans since then…”

The Grand Duke looked at the wolf silently.

“…I didn’t know that taming wolves involved throwing rice.”

He licked his tongue as if frustrated, and looked at me as if it was funny.

“But, no one in the Grand Duchy has ever thrown food out the window.”

He laughed like it was funny.

“You are doing a lot of strange things in many ways.”

“Then can I raise him? I heard that I need permission to raise him here.”

“I don’t know if it’s a dog, but if it’s a silver wolf… it’ll be fine.
But it’s not happening even under these circumstances.”

The Grand Duke came closer and pressed the silver wolf’s belly in his arms.

Each time that happened, the silver wolf’s stomach swelled as if in rebellion.

‘I heard that there were creatures that looked like this in the sea… was it a blowfish?’

It was exactly like that.

“So Bebe, have you decided on a name?”


“Silver wolves are bound as soon as they are named by those who think they are their owners.”

“Ah! I did it!”

“Oh, what’s its name?”


He smiled brightly and stroked Sylvie.

But the Grand Duke’s expression was not so good.


“Yeah! Cute! I saw it in a book before, and they said the more rustic the name, the better.
They live longer.”

“…I know it’s rustic.”

“Still, I thought it was a pretty sophisticated name, but rather than Sylvia.
Originally, it was Sylvia, but Sylvie hated it, so I named it Sylvie.”

“…Don’t you hate that name?”

He looked at him curiously and nodded.

“Uh… it looks like he gave up.”

“Well, they said that the name of the wolf that the first Grand Duke had tamed was Ahern.”

“S-Sylvie’s name is prettier.”


The Grand Duke smiled and gave a no-nonsense look on his face, then patted my head.

“A name that is easy for you to call would be best.”

“Yeah! I like Sylvie.”

Then he stroked Sylvie’s head.
It was rewarding to touch Sylvie, who had softer fur after washing.

There’s more to talk about with the silver wolf… but he’s sleeping, so we’ll talk later.”


“You probably haven’t had breakfast yet, so let’s go eat.
I’ll talk to Cecilia as I go out.”

With those words, the Grand Duke smiled more kindly than usual and went outside.

Shortly after he left, Cecilia came in with a lot of food.

“I heard from the Grand Duke, baby.”


“You said you were going to have that dog.”

“Yes! It’s Sylvie.
He’s sleeping right now, but please take care of him in the future.”


Still, there was some discomfort in Cecilia’s eyes.
Do I have to say that there was something I didn’t like about Sylvie? He did look so terrifying, just like when he first saw me.

“Ah, I’m hungry.”

At that moment, Cecilia took her gaze away from Sylvie and quickly put the food on the table.

After a while, as always, plenty of food was ready.
She approached my mother just in case and gently shook my mother, but my mother did not wake up.

“I guess she won’t wake up yet.”

“I’ll tell them to prepare food for your mother when she wakes up.”


“Let’s have dinner and get some presents.”

I nodded my head and began to eat.

Originally, I would have washed and started eating, but thanks to the Grand Duke’s fuss, I was able to eat first, then wash up.

Then, for my mother’s safety, Cecilia left Sylvie in the room and walked with Theo to the room in front of her.


And I was surprised.

When I asked where all the dolls Allen had given me were, they were all here.
The room was full of dolls, and gifts from other people were everywhere.

Theo, who had been with me on behalf of Cecilia, cleared his throat and looked around.

“Wouldn’t it be better for Ms Cecilia to come, My Lady?”

“Uh… yes, but Theo…”

I looked up at Theo because I had something to say.
All this time, Cecilia had been by my side, so she and Theo couldn’t talk.

“Yes, My Lady.”

Never do anything dangerous.”

He widened his eyes at my unexpected words.

“Are you worried about me?”


For some reason, Theo’s face hardened a little.
“Don’t worry… you don’t like it? But I’m worried.
Theo must never get hurt.”

Normally, I would have flinched slightly at his reaction, but not today.

“I will try.”

Theo talked more seriously than ever, but he didn’t like the answer at all.

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