“Don’t worry.
I don’t name things like that if I don’t want to!”

“So… my name is…”

I smiled brightly.

“That’s the best name!”

I clenched my fist and approached the silver wolf.
I whispered to its ears for a long time so only the wolf could hear it.
A deep sigh escaped the silver wolf’s mouth, though it’s unclear whether he liked his name or not.

“….You’re really bad at naming.”

“I like it.”

I will protect you with this.”

With those words, a subtle light leaked from the silver wolf’s body.
It was a bright light as if it were daytime.
And when the light faded and I opened my eyes, the wolf I was talking to until just now disappeared.

“Where did it go?”

It was a time when I hurried to the window and looked around.

I felt something moving at my feet, so I hurriedly dropped my eyes to the floor.

Then what appeared was a puppy with white fur that looked soft.



“No way.
Is it you?”

“That’s right.”

However, unlike his appearance, his voice was very strange.

“You’re a cute puppy, but your voice sounds like the Grand Duke.”

“…Are you comparing me with him?”

“What do you mean ‘him’t?” You don’t like Dad?”

When I said that, the silver wolf looked at me very uncomfortable.

“…What do you mean ‘Dad’?” Did that little boy become a father? What kind of twist did you fall for? To be a subordinate for such a person with such power.”

“I’m not a servant.
I’m Daddy’s daughter!”

“… Anyway… Keep that kind of guy away.
I’ll protect you.”

Then he jumped up onto the bed.

“First of all, I need to rest.
I spent too much energy coming through the barrier.”

“That’s my spot…”

“That’s why it’s warm and nice.”

It didn’t even look like the dignified wolf I saw before.
The silver wolf, who was moving around in my seat like a fluffy puppy, eventually laid on my pillow.

“It’s my spot…”

“I’ll let you lie next to me.

Then, he moved his body very finely to prepare a spot.

Thinking about what to do, I closed the window and laid down next to the standing silver wolf.

“But why did you say you’re protecting me?”

“Because I’ve been blessed.
The silver wolf repays the favor.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s because of this grace that our race is tied here.”

The long, long puppy’s snout twitched as if he didn’t like it.

“I see.”

“So hurry up and sleep, kid.
People your age need to sleep well to grow up.”

“But I’m still curious.
Did I do something worth paying back?”

“Recently, there has been a change in the land.
The monsters increased exponentially, and all the animals disappeared.
Because of that, I couldn’t eat and walked around and was attacked by demons.”

I tilted my head when I saw the puppy saying something different from what I asked.


“You started to throw food at me.
It was bread at first.”


It was only then that I remembered throwing away the bread I had collected in the room to clean it up.

“I lived thanks to you.
So I will pay you back.”

I just sent out the leftovers, and I threw it to eat small animals in the forest, and it helped the silver wolf.

“I see…”

“Do you not like it?”

“No! I like dogs!”

I stroked the silver wolf’s fur.
It was so pretty.
I liked the feeling and touched the wolf endlessly.

“That kind of fiddling… when you pet me, you’d have to be in awe… No, that’s a bit…”

But the more I stroked, the more and more the silver wolf warmed up.
Before I knew it, the wolf settled in a very comfortable position in the middle of the bed.

“…Why did you stop petting me?”

“It seems to spread more and more.”

“It’s spreading.
It’s just instinct.
So go to sleep while stroking.
Hmm, I think human touch is better than I thought.”

Somehow, I thought for a while that I shouldn’t pet him, but the fur was so fine that I eventually fell asleep after petting the wolf for a long time.


As the morning came, the world gradually became brighter.

I tried to oversleep, but I woke up because the silver wolf, who fell asleep comfortably, put his leg on my arm.

When I barely opened my eyes, the sunlight was filling the room.

Somehow, my whole body felt stiff as if I slept wrong.


It didn’t take long to know it was because of the silver wolf.

When I woke up and looked at my seat, my bed was very narrow as if I had slept on a shrimp.

“This silver wolf’s… sleeping habits are strong.”

No wonder it’s unfair.
He could protect me, but he couldn’t protect my bed.

“But… it’s probably a good thing.”

I pouted and pulled the silver wolf, which gradually rolled towards my mother, back to my seat.

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