Having closed my eyes next to my living mother for the first time in a long time, I raised my head and looked at her.

But there was no answer.
I just mumbled for a long time.


“Yes, my daughter.”

“You don’t have to overdo it.
My mom will protect you now, so you don’t have to push yourself.”

“Huh? I’m not overdoing it!”

“Maybe Mommy doesn’t know my daughter well.”

My mom’s words made my heart tingle exceptionally.

“It’s been hard.”

But I didn’t say what has happened so far and what I’ve been doing.

As far as my mom knew, the Grand Duke saved us by necessity, and all she knew was that I’ve been recognized here.

But my mom patted me on the back.

“It’s okay.
Everything will be okay now.”

“Mom… Why aren’t you asking me anything?”

I wanted her to ask, even if I didn’t want her to ask.

I wanted to complain, but I had to be brave.

Mom, actually, I had a really hard time.
It’s my tenth life.
I came back ten times because I wanted to save my mom.
In all that time, my mother passed away.

It was so hard and painful… I lived only with that hope that I could save my mom.
Mom… I did well.

It was ten lives I couldn’t tell anyone, unspeakable times.

So I was lonely sometimes.
I still felt lonely sometimes, so I asked my mom with a trembling voice.

However, my mother’s hands constantly stroked my head as if she knew everything even if I didn’t say anything.

“Great job, my daughter.”

Those words comforted me.

That was enough.
I think I can live with all the hardships and pains I’ve had in my heart with that little comfort that my mom gave me.


“I’ll protect you now.”

“Mom, let’s not just protect each other… Let’s live happily ever after.”



With a deep sigh, the mother’s head nodded up and down.

That was enough.
If we were to be happy together in the lifetime where we protected each other, then my goal in life has been achieved.

“Let’s be happy, my daughter.”


My mom patted me on the back like before, and I fell asleep in her arms.

It was really comfortable after a long time.

“Mom… Good night.”

My eyes closed like that.


I woke up suddenly as if someone was waking me up.

I was not half-asleep and woke up in a hurry, so I looked around.
Fortunately, my mother was sleeping soundly next to me.

When I put my ears on my sleeping mother’s chest.
The sound of my heart still pounded loudly.

I was so happy, so happy that I was afraid that this would be a dream, but it was not a dream.

“That’s a relief…”

So I laid down next to my mom again.
However, I couldn’t fall asleep again since I was awake.

Thinking about what to do, I approached the window and opened it wide.
Then, the unusually bright moon rose high in the sky.


Was it because my mom woke up or because she was too happy? The moon and the world looked more beautiful.

At that time…

A sudden wind passed by my cheeks.

“Oh my god!”

I stepped back from the window and struggled since the strong wind pushed my body away.
Soon after the wind subsided, and I opened my eyes slowly.

Then, something I had not seen before sat right in front of me.

“Silver wolf…”

I thought I was dreaming, but no matter how much I rubbed my eyes, the silver wolf was still in front of me.

“It’s a real wolf… I’ve seen him before.”

It was definitely a silver wolf.
The wolf, who came through the open window, shook his fur as the wind blew.

Sparkling, mysterious fur.

And I had seen a silver wolf before.
On the day I went to the forest, right before I fell asleep in my dad’s arms, I made eye contact with a silver wolf watching me from afar.

“Really… Is that the wolf from that time?”

As if answering my question, the silver wolf nodded.

Obviously, it was overwhelming to look at, but it didn’t feel dangerous at all.

Maybe it’s because the wolf’s eyes were only on me.

“But why are you here?”

It was strange.
Wolves were beasts, yet I’m asking the wolf a question, as if I wanted an answer.

And the wolf, who had been staring at me with blue eyes just now, slowly approached me.

“…I will pay you back.”

“Huh? Pay me back?”

“Give me a name.”


“Give me a name to call.
Then I’ll protect you.”


At my question, the silver wolf nodded only.

I didn’t know what it meant by ‘favor’, but who would hate me that I’d need protection?

“Then, Silver Wolf!”


“Is that it?”

It had a pointy snout and sharp face.
On the other hand, its eyes, which had long eyelashes, expressed discomfort.

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s not good.”

“Since you’re a silver wolf… Sylvie!”


“Sylvie! It’s like a nickname for Silver Wolf.”

Only then did the wolf nod his head and express his feelings.

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