“Do you agree with me that I’m a good person, Allen?”

My dad has a bad personality.”

“…Is it that bad?”

The Grand Duke’s gaze turned serious, as if he heard a huge declaration.


“Yeah, Allen.”

“Dad, did you think you have a good personality?”

“I thought it wasn’t bad.
Oh, of course, your mom sometimes said I should kill my temper sometimes, but… I’ve been improving my temper recently.”

Allen’s mouth opened wide at his words.

“I didn’t know you’d say that casually.”




“I thought you were just living like a gentle madman, Dad.
I’m telling you because I’m your son.”

And his face was still in shock.

“Oh, I see.

“Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve heard it or not, but I’m in favor of my stepmother.”


“Dad, you have to settle down now, too.
Don’t cry at Mom’s portrait every day.”



“Get out.”

In an instant, the Grand Duke’s face turned red.
As always, Allen was busy joking around.

“I’m not going out.
I’m going to be with Bebe all day.”

“If you don’t listen, you’ll be banned from entering Bebe’s room.”

“…That’s mean.”

However, the effect was quite large.
Allen, who had just declared that he would not go out, quickly left the room as if the rushing seawater or someone pushed him away.

Then came the awkwardness.

“Hey, you know, Dad, what I said earlier…”


But he didn’t answer.
He only sighed deeply as if he were deep in thought.
Did he get hurt because I said something useless?

While thinking about what to do, I hurriedly approached the side of the bed.

Then I brought the documents that were placed there.

“Hey, Dad.
I picked my name.”

“Oh, that was it.”

My mother, who was still watching us, made a strange expression.
She looked at us and seemed to be smiling, as if she was having fun, though she also looked somewhat uncomfortable too.

“My mom said my name wasn’t Bebe originally, right Mom?”

When I saw my mother smiling graciously, I felt something strange in the corner of my heart.

Was it because my mom’s expression was different from what I knew before?

“Original name?”

“Yes, my name was Beatrice? My nickname is Betty! So I’ll write that name on the paper!”

It was strange.
At this point, my father’s face, which I thought he would like, hardened coldly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Beatrice… Betty…”

“Why? You don’t like it?”

With a face I had never seen before, he said the name Beatrice several times and said it again.
He looked so different than usual that I approached my mom and held her hand tightly.

But my mom was being weird, too.

It was surprising to see him constantly change his facial expression, but as expected, there was no change in facial expression.


After a long time, when I called him, he nodded as if he had come to his senses.

“You don’t like the name?”

“Not really.
I just… I just thought of someone.”

“Huh? Who?”

“There was a person who wanted to give the name Beatrice to her daughter and Basilio to her son when she had a child later…”

Why did the Grand Duke look so sad?

I wasn’t sure who he was projecting through my name, but I knew it was not a good situation for him.

“Anyway, it’s a good name.”


“Why did you say your name was Bebe?”

It was then when my mother, who had been watching us without saying a word the whole time, opened her mouth.

“That’s what I wanted to call her.
I want to call her by the name I wanted because she’s my child.”

Somehow, my mother’s voice trembled.

“I see.”

“Then there’s nothing more to say.
Then I’ll ask you one more question.
You’re aware that the man who drove you two out doesn’t know the name ‘Beatrice’?”

At that, the mother nodded without hesitation.

“He doesn’t know because someone else gave me that name.”

“Then let’s write it down.”

“Then am I Beatrice Avelant now?”

“Okay, I’m going to officially process these documents.
You may find out later, but they shouldn’t be able to find you right away just by looking at the name ‘Beatrice’.”

Looking even more awkward than usual, he nodded.

“That’s a relief.”

“The problem is about your mom.”

“What’s wrong with my mom? Is there a problem?”

“That’s… Bebe.
First of all, your mother and I are going to be married.”



My mom and I screamed at the same time.

It really went as I said.

My mom suddenly got a husband.

He was also a bad-tempered man, and my father, who bit his lips in embarrassment, smiled awkwardly.

Looking at it, my mother nodded as if she were determined to do something.


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