“C-Crazy place?”

But it’s okay for me.
Oh, never mind.
I think it’s right for me to be crazy, too.”

“Just in case, Bebe, it’s dangerous to do something…for you.”

I smiled as I looked at my bewildered mother.

Mom, you know what? I think they’re crazy because they’re so nice to me.”

Mom’s face changed in real time.

“Well, for being nice to them…”

He’s so nice to me.”

“That’s what you meant? Mom is so surprised to hear that he was crazy.”

I had the brightest smile among the laughter I could have made after hearing my mother’s unusually trembling voice.

It was like I didn’t have to worry.

In fact, I wanted to say that I was crazy about how they educate their young children.
If you do something wrong, they threaten the nobles and stab them with a knife.

‘But if you say so Mom, even if your face turns pale, let’s run away.
Bebe must be like this.’

I even know how severe my mother’s constipation was.

That’s why I held my mom’s hand with an innocent smile.

“Yeah! It’s like that.
I spend money very recklessly.
I guess I’m rich!”


When I opened my mouth like a child who knew nothing, my mother had an expression that I had never seen before.

“I’m sure he’s rich.
He is Duke Avelant”.



“What’s wrong with you? Your voice is sadder than usual.”

“Oh it’s nothing… It’s just… just… It’s because I’m happy that he is nice to Bebe.”

My mother’s face, which was a little playful and a little bright, became very dark.

“As expected, it’s because the rumors of Avelant Duchy are bad.”

This was why there was a saying that people should do well normally.

‘From now on, I have to manage the reputation of the people around me.’

I was deeply troubled.
But shouldn’t it be good for me? I gave up on that thought.


“…But Bebe, do you really have to be the child of Duke Avelant?”

“Yeah! Why don’t you want me to? I won’t do it if mom says no…”

It was after Allen went back to the table as our story seemed to be getting longer.
It was as if he was trying to make it a comfortable place for my mom and I to talk.

I wondered if it was really such a pure intention, but he was busy eating cookies without any facial expressions.

Of course, I coughed to see if I was thirsty.

“Wouldn’t there be other people…”

“That’s possible but… Mom, is there anyone who can accept us? When we got out of there, he seemed to kill him right away.”

I guess so.
Few people can be hostile to him.”

Sadly, it was the Emperor standing opposite us; the person who wanted to take us right away.

Therefore, my mother quickly grasped the reality.

“Don’t worry too much.
He’s a good person.
I even brought a priest for Mom”

“A priest…”

“He came and looked after my mom.
It’s my first time seeing a priest in my life!”

“He really is a good person.”

“Yes! A good person.
My mom will know when she sees him, that he’s a good person.”

“I know.
I know because I’ve heard a lot that he’s a good person.”

But what my mother said was a little strange.

“Do you know? Did you hear it a lot? Rumors are bad.”

“He could be a good person to someone.”

I felt like I’m a different person.
The mother I just talked about was not the mother I’ve known so far.

“Especially since I can’t believe that the Grand Duke can be a good person.”

That’s something that only people who have experienced it could say.

When I opened my eyes thinly with my mouth sticking out, my mom smiled and messed up my hair.

“Do whatever you want, my daughter.”

Then she held me tightly in her arms.

“Oh, yeah! Then Mom, do I continue as Bebe? According to the Grand Duke, if I use the name Bebe as it is, it could get recognized.”

“Bebe, your real name is not Bebe.”

“Huh? That’s not my name?”

It’s Beatrice.
If I did it the way it was, your nickname would have been Betty, but… I just wanted to call it my own Bebe.”

I blinked for a moment at the words.

My mother never said this while I was born and returned to my life a few times.
She always called me Bebe.

So I didn’t have any doubts about my name being Bebe.

‘My dad called me Bebe, too.
Why does my mom say a different name?’

She tilted her head.

“What are you so curious about that you shake your little head around?”

“It’s amazing.
I can’t believe my name wasn’t Bebe…”

“Because you are my very own Bebe.”

My mom’s voice trembled a lot as she said ‘My own Bebe’.

“My own Bebe…”

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