The already large eyes of my awakened mother grew bigger and bigger.

My mom is so cute.

My mother, who was surprised by her husband, was acting like a rabbit.

“Yes! Husband!”

“…I can’t believe I have a husband.”

Wouldn’t it be right? She did say she was a wife.

“But Mom, I like my dad as Dad, but I don’t like him as my mom’s husband.”

“Huh? Why? Is his face ugly?”

In my past life, my mother was the prettiest mother in the world, who had dimples in her cheeks every time she smiled at me.

“It must be serious to see that Bebe is not answering.
But it’s okay, Bebe.
It’s okay if my husband is ugly if Bebe likes the person.”


Actually, I don’t need a husband or anything, but… for Bebe…”

“Then you don’t need a husband?”

My well-organized mother’s eyebrows moved very finely.

All I need is Bebe.””

“Then I’ll reject him! If my mom says no, I don’t want him either! Actually, I didn’t like him being your husband that much either.
And no, I don’t have a crush on him!”

I didn’t reject him because I don’t like my dad.
I’m sure he’s good to me, but sometimes he does crazy things.

‘I will reject him.’

I smiled broadly at my mom, who looked at me with clear eyes.

No matter how nice you are to me, if my mom didn’t like it, I’m out.

“Bebe, can you explain other things now?”

“Mom! Don’t you remember that day? The day we came here.”

“On the day we came here… I don’t know.
My mom only remembers sleeping with Bebe…”

My mother, who tilted her head, stared at me quietly.

“You don’t remember?”

“Yes! But I feel energized.
I feel like I can take Bebe and run right away.”

After rolling up my sleeves, my mom approached me as if she were hugging me right away.


“Why? Your mom wants to hug her daughter.”

“My mom is still weak, so you have to eat something delicious and rest.
I’ll tell you what happened while eating.”

At that time, when I reached out to ring the bell at the side of the bed, my mother held me tightly in her arms.

“My baby, what happened?”


“When did you become so brave?”


Mom’s eyes somehow looked sad.

‘Oh, I’m so excited… Mom must be worried…’

So she widened her eyes and smiled.

“I didn’t get brave.
I just got excited because Mom woke up…”

“It’s okay.
It’s good for my daughter to be brave.”

It was at that time that I thought that my mom would be disappointed because there were many things that my mother didn’t know.

‘Mom… She’s my only mom and I got so excited.’

I was happy.
Now we have a place to live.
I wanted to be the daughter of this family.

I was happy.
I thought that was enough, but how lonely my mom must have been.

“No, I’m not.”





“Mommy is hungry.”

I raised her head at the words.
Then I saw a mother smiling so brightly that I couldn’t see her eyes.

“You said you’d tell me while we ate.
Mommy is curious about what happened to Bebe.”

“Wow… we should talk about it.”

“Should I rock against this? Looking at it now, this place is huge.
The bedding and everything looks expensive.”

My mom, who looked excited like a child, stretched my cheeks from side to side.

“Why are you so gloomy?”

“I’m not gloomy.
I just… I…”

It was then…

The door opened with a thumping sound.

And the one who came in front here was Allen the foal.

“You’re here!”

“Oh? Oh, wow.
You’re here?”

“Oh my god! You woke up!” No wonder the priest came and went, so I was wondering what it was.”

Allen, who approached us, stared at my mother curiously.
I couldn’t even tell him what the situation was, so I hurriedly tried to stop my brother, but the foal didn’t hesitate a little about what he was doing.

She really looks just like you.”

Seeing the foal suddenly attack, my mother seemed to be perplexed.

He even pulled me toward him, as if to protect me.

However, the foal, who did not know that, reached out to my mother.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Bebe’s Brother.”

“Bebe, what does he mean ‘brother’?”

“Uh… Uh… So… Somehow, I got an older brother while my mom was sleeping.
Don’t worry, though.
He’s a really good… he’s a good brother.”

I turned my head awkwardly and looked at my mom, but she still didn’t even think about loosening up.

“You can’t trust anyone, baby… You know what happens.
Even anyone… well-intentioned…”

However, my brother did not show much reaction to my mother’s distrust towards him.

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