“Allen! The future of the Grand Duchy running…”

However, the more my father said something, the faster my brother’s speed got.
What’s even more surprising was that it’s not hard at all, even though he ran fast enough to pass the surrounding landscape.

Thanks to that, we stopped in front of a large drawing room after a while.
This was the place where I met that Madame last time.

“What do you think? We came quickly, right?


“You used magic so that Bebe didn’t have a hard time! What do you think? Isn’t it cool?”

“I know.
It’s kind of cool.”

Meanwhile, the maid, who was waiting in front of the drawing room, welcomed us with a happy face.

“You’re here, My Lady! I’ve been waiting for you!”

It looked completely different in a few days.
Those who used to show rejection whenever they saw me now looked at me and smiled.

It was annoying.
I hated it.
They were going to change over and over again.

I couldn’t trust someone who suddenly changed.
Their kindness was obviously going to change again when something else happens.

‘But… But at least it’s good that I don’t see it like before.’

I felt a sense of rejection, but I felt much more comfortable than before.

In the meantime, the servant opened the door of the drawing room.

“Let’s go in.”

Allen, who had been waiting for the door to the drawing room to open wide, urged me again.


When the door opened, I was once again surprised by the scenery in front of me.
A tower that was huge enough to reach a high ceiling caught my eye first.

“Wow… This… Is this chocolate?”

As for the color, the deeper the scent of chocolate came as I went closer unconsciously.

“I guess it’s chocolate.”

I approached there and stuck my hand towards the tower.
Then it hit something and chocolate got on my hand.

In the meantime, the Grand Duke approached behind us with a deep sigh and stuck next to us.

“What do you think, Bebe? Is it too much?”

“No! Chocolate isn’t too much! I like chocolate! You can have more chocolate!”

The best thing in the world was chocolate.
I smiled brightly and jumped in place.

“I can’t believe chocolate was a gift!””


“Thank you.
This isn’t too much at all!”

But my dad’s reaction was quite different from what I expected.

“If I knew this would happen, I should have prepared chocolate, too.”

Somehow, my father’s voice was more sullen than ever.

“Why? Don’t you know that?”

“That’s a chocolate mountain made by the chefs for Bebe.”


Only then did I see the chefs standing on one side of the room.
When they saw my smile, they began to hug each other happily.

After that, I looked around and saw a lot of people standing in the room.
Some chefs I had already met before, and others had seen it at the last political meeting.

Even the servants and maids who I met several times while working as a craftsman were in this room.
Different boxes were held in their arms.

“And here’s what I prepared for you.”

While looking around for a while, the Grand Duke pointed his finger somewhere.
There was a chair made of gold.

“That? Chair?”

But on the contrary, he didn’t answer my question.
It just led me there.

Eventually, I arrived at the chair after passing the numerous gifts piled up.

“Let’s sit down.”


I made this chair for you.”

Was this okay?

‘It’s much better than the doll mountain you brought.’

It was still awkward to receive a gift, but it’s not too burdensome to receive a gift like this.

Of course, it was burdensome, but it was much better than expected.’

He pointed his finger at me.

“What about that?”

It was a world map that I had seen in books before.

It was a map of vast continents, seas and many countries.
The world map spread out so vastly on the ceiling that it was hard to see at a glance.

“The map is a gift.”

Bebe, you try to pick from there.
Which one would you like to have?

“What? What should I choose?”

I was so embarrassed that I spoke formally.

Or country.
I’ll conquer wherever you want.
You said so last time.
You needed a place to live with your mom, so I will build a country there.”

My mouth went dry at his words, which were far beyond what I expected.

‘Mom… I think my new dad… I think he’s a little crazy.’

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