“That’s a gift?”

My mouth opened to the point where I couldn’t see it at first glance.

It was as tall as an adult.
It was such a huge item that I wondered how it was packed.

As soon as I looked at it as if I were embarrassed, my brother proudly straightened his shoulders.

“Yes! A birthday present from me to Bebe!”

“Birthday? It’s not my birthday.”

What ‘birthday story’ all of a sudden?

However, as if I had expected my reaction, Cecilia slightly leaned down and made eye contact.

“Your Highness announced it.”


“On the day he carried My Lady from the forest, he said your birthday was just around the corner.
He then officially announced your admission documents and decided to throw a birthday party.”


“That’s when everyone started preparing in a hurry!”

Allen even looked excited as if he remembered what happened then.

“As soon as he heard that you woke up, he announced that it was your birthday today.”

“Oh? What Cecilia said was a good thing…”

“This is it!”

“That’s why you kept telling me to wear a yellow dress.”

Cecilia, who nodded and smiled brightly, untied my hair in pigtails.

Meanwhile, Allen’s brother twisted his body as if the foal had a flea on his body and shook his shoulders.

“Actually, it’s Bebe.
This cool brother tried to give a gift even if it wasn’t Bebe’s birthday.
You liked the penguin doll last time.”

“That’s true!”

“But just in time, my dad announced that it was Bebe’s birthday, so I hurriedly packed it and brought it.”

The sight of a foal moving his shoulders was very unstable.

Should I call it a little crazy foal or a foal that seemed to run away right away? Anyway, I felt bad about this and that.

“So, my dad is not here yet, right?”

“Uh, yes.”

I love it! I’m the first one! I’m the first one to give a gift to Bebe! I’m so happy.”


Birthday present.

I was a little distracted as if I were listening to other people.

But my brother didn’t give up on my condition.

“Then hurry up and open it.
It’s my birthday present for you, Bebe.”

I repeatedly saw the gift several times while watching the foal look happier than ever.

“Aren’t you going to open it?”

My saliva went through my throat anxiously.

“Uh… I’ll open it.”

“But My Lady, aren’t you going to change when we reveal the present? Since then, you have to go see other presents.”

“No! I want to open my present in pretty clothes.”

I was going to relax my mind.

Anxiety struck me.
I wondered if I could really receive that gift.
Something unknown popped up inside the clumsy wrapper as if it were full of water.
Maybe that’s why.
My heart beat like crazy.

“It’d be nice to open it right away…”

However, at the words of Cecilia, Allen looked at her with resentment.

“Don’t worry, Brother.
I’ll change into pretty clothes and open up Brother’s present first.”

You have a big heart like the sea, so I’ll understand.
Instead, I’ll leave the gift in the room.
It could pour out.”

That’s it.
Those words made me nervous.

“What on earth is pouring out?”

The upset feeling about the fact that my mother didn’t wake up had already been erased from my head.
In the meantime, Cecilia gently grabbed my shoulder.

“Then let’s go in.
Just get dressed and come out.”

“Uh, yes.”

So I entered the dress room, led by Cecilia.
She quickly put me in a dress because all the preparations were done except for getting dressed.

The dress that glistened as if it was a pretty flower in the rain was also pretty.

“So pretty.”

“Right? You’re pretty no matter what you wear!”

“Thank you.”

I smiled, sticking out my tongue in embarrassment, I ran out of the dressing room wearing shoes prepared by Cecilia.

But in the meantime, my dad was here.

“…Allen, why are you here?”

“I wanted to give her a gift first.”

“No, I’m the first one to give a gift.”

“Bebe decided to open mine first.”

In that word, deep smile wrinkles were engraved on the Grand Duke’s forehead.

Coincidentally, I came out just in time as he wrinkled his face/

“Oh! Here comes Bebe.”

My brother rushed to me with joy and grabbed my hand.

“Bebe, you said mine would be the first one to be opened, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Then hurry up and untie it.”

Like a man who was afraid of losing to his father, he kept rushing me.
Without a choice, I left the Grand Duke, who looked unhappy, and ripped open the huge wrapping paper in front of me.

Then as soon as there was a little gap, as if he had been waiting for it to be released, enormous dolls poured out from the inside.
These dolls filled my surroundings in an instant.

“This… This…”

“I bought all the dolls!”

I guess it was rare to see him smiling so brightly.

I was buried in a pile of dolls while I stuck out my head.

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