Originally, my mother would have woken up as soon as the aura disappeared, but today she was a little strange.


Couldn’t she wake up since she had slept for a long time? I shook my mom’s body slightly.

But there is no movement.
She is definitely breathing, but she didn’t open her eyes.

“Did she sleep way too long… Is that so? Mom… You’re going to wake up, right? Right…?”

I put my ears on my mom’s chest out of anxiety.

Thump, thump.

As if to let me know that she was alive, I heard a pleasant pounding.
But my mother’s condition was still the same.

“Mom, wake up!”

I tried shouting in her ears, but there was still no movement.

“Why… won’t you wake up, Mom? Don’t you like Bebe? Don’t you want to see me anymore?”

Tears that had stopped for a while were about to flow again.
But I quickly wiped my eyes.

‘There’s no way my mom hates me.
My mom always said I was the only one, just like how Mom is everything to Bebe.
It’s just because she slept too long.
It’ll be okay.
It’s definitely… It’s definitely like that.’

I tried hard to smile and kissed my mom on the cheek.

“There’s no way it won’t happen.
Bebe, who my mom always said is her world, is here!”

Several times, I held myself together and tried hard to smile.
I believed that she would wake up.

The magic of putting my mother to sleep had disappeared, so it would never take long.

At that time, the door opened.

Cecilia, who had gone out to pick up my meal, entered the room.

But instead of bringing her meal, she approached the bed with a big smile.

“My Lady, come on and get up.”

Then she urged me.

“Huh? Why? What about rice?”

“Oh? R-Rice.
I’ll give her the soup powder in a little while.
Let’s get ready first.”

“Get ready? For what?”

She, who would normally have told me what was going on, just smiled and took me to the bathroom.

“What’s going on?”

“What is happening? I’m just preparing it for you.
I think  that it’s better to wash up and change.”

“That’s weird…”

“Really? I think I’m the same as usual.”

No, it’s totally weird.

However, Cecilia even hummed, as if she was trying to hide that she was being weird or had other intentions.

She was so different that I feel like she had become a different person from when I woke up in three days.

“Cecilia? Is something good going on?”

Even her touch was light as she washed me.

“I guess I’m happy because you woke up.”

As she talked with her eyes creased, she washed me faster than usual.

She put me back on my pajamas.
Then she started drying my hair quickly.

“Really? Really? Are you just happy that I woke up?”

“Of course.”

“… It’s so weird.”

“That’s weird.
You’re really hungry, right?”

I’m very hungry.
Is everything okay? Are you really doing this?”

“Yes! Nothing’s going on.”

I looked at her with my eyes suspiciously due to Cecilia smiling suspiciously, saying that everything was okay.
Of course, Cecilia, who had a suspicious aura, had nothing to say to me.

“I’m done drying your hair.
What are you going to wear today? Did you want to wear that forsythia-colored dress?”

“Isn’t that for special occasions, balls, or tea parties?”

“That’s true.”

“… Is today a special day?”

“Uh… It’s a special day since you woke up in three days.”

I poked my mouth out.

There must be something, but she kept changing the subject.

“I don’t want to wear it.
I’m going to roll around next to my mom all day today.
I’ll just wear my pajamas.”

“M-My Lady?”

“Don’t tell me otherwise.”

“Hmm… I’m sure you’ll be upset if I told you first.”

“You really have work to do!”

I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s something that you’ll really like.”

“Something to like…”

It was then.

“Bebe! I can’t stand it anymore!”

The door opened with a thumping sound.

“Huh? Bebe? Where is Bebe? You’re here, right? Come on.”

At the voice of my brother, who entered the room with a strange sound, I popped my head out of the dressing room.

“What’s going on…ugh… What’s… What’s that?”

“What do you mean? We brought a gift for Bebe!”


Surprised by its enormous size, I blinked several times and rushed outside without drying my hair properly.

“What do you think?”

I thought it was incredible when I looked at it from a little distance, but it was even more incredible when I saw it up close.

I thought it would have been difficult to bring it alone.
Even when he saw me approaching, he dragged something huge by himself while adding a grunting sound, as if it was difficult.

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