For a long time, the Grand Duke looked at me.

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“Just one question.
Did you lock the door to prevent no one from coming in until I came?”

“I didn’t want to talk to someone who doesn’t have any power.
I don’t think I finished talking to you because I fainted yesterday.”

“What more stories do you need?”

He looked expressionless.

He looked like someone who didn’t care what I would say.
Then, emotions swirled inside me without any restrain.

I’m scared.
I’m afraid.

That’s why I pretended to be stronger.

“I’m useful enough.
That’s why I’m here again.
Can you not feel that I’m strong enough?”

“So what do you want?”


“If you don’t tell me, I wouldn’t know what you want.
Members of my family will think of you as my daughter, as you have wished.
Do you want anything other than that?”

I’ve never asked anyone anything in my life.

No, I’ve asked for a lot during the years, but the people who abused my mother and I didn’t even listen to my small request, which was to simply stop hitting me.

The requests that my mother told them to stop beating me because she thought she was going to die soon anyway.

My only request was to build a grave after my mother’s death, so I refuse to ask for spoiled bread because I’m hungry.
I would even walk for ten minutes a day so I could eat grass.

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‘I don’t want to ask you a favor.’

That’s why I’ve become so horrible.

People usually ignored my mom and I when I asked for a favor.

“If you don’t tell me, I wouldn’t know anything.
Why can’t you say what you want even after being so confident?

“…Because you’re going to ignore me.”


“…No, I don’t have any requests.
It’s nothing.
I was just trying to thank you.
Are you sure my mom and I can stay here?”


“You’re protecting me too, aren’t you?”

He didn’t respond to me this time.
He just nodded at me.

All I wanted from him was a formal entry into the family, but I didn’t want to ask.

Never, never.
I’m not going to ask him a favor.

I won’t let anyone see me as weak.

‘I’m going to be proud of my ability to enter this family.’

I couldn’t bring myself to say my true request when I met him for the first time.

“That’s all you have to say?”

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“Do you like my gift?”


“Yes, it’s not perfect, but I’ve created a barrier here.
I wish I could give you a better present though..”


I hurriedly opened my mouth when I saw him mumbling his words.

“So I gave you a present, and I want you to give me one.”

I smiled brightly as I spoke, but the Grand Duke waved his long hand from side to side.

“But this is just a recreation of what you took away.”

His voice hardened again.

“I don’t consider it to be a gift.”

That’s too bad then.

I couldn’t ask him for a favor, so I tried to ask him to “make us enter his family” as a gift, but he cut me off.

“…Is that so?”

“Yes, so if you want to give me a present, give me something I’d be satisfied with.”

A bit of disappointment leaked through when those words were spoken.


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But in order not to show, my lips quivered and nodded.

“Is our discussion over?”

“Uh… maybe?”

“Did you call for me to make sure I got your gift?”

“Yes, and to see your face! You’re my dad now.
I guess I’ll see you at least once a day.”

The Grand Duke’s lips, which were stiff a while ago, trembled slightly.

Was it a good thing or a bad thing?

“Okay, you’ve seen my face today, so that’s enough, right?”

“That’s right!”

“Then I’ll get going.
I’ve got a lot to work on.”

I thought he was going to say “Don’t call me for anything useless next time”, but he didn’t say that.

“Make sure you eat well.”

Instead, his unexpected phrase caught me off guard.


“You won’t last a few days if you have that weak body.”

My heart tickled for a moment.

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‘Did he just worry about me?’

It may have been an emotionless remark, but it felt strange.

But that’s just it.

He went out before he even heard my answer.

‘There’s no way he’s worried about me.
I’m just a useful object for him.’

Thinking of that, my strange pounding heart quickly subsided.

“Mom, I think I’m weird.
My heart just pounded.”

My mom, who didn’t know about this, was still sleeping, and I just stroked her hair.

Meanwhile, Cecilia stepped inside.

She strode in and stood there, when her sharp voice resounded before me.

“Are you satisfied?”

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“I’m asking if you’re happy to have him come here.”

“Of course!”


“And you, aren’t you the maid here?”

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