Changing Recipe


Several gangsters were sent directly to the police station.

After arriving at the police station, these people came back to their senses, crying and shouting that Qing Qin attack them first.

Alas, Qibao has reported them to the police several times before and has long left a record of their harassment and destruction.


Under Mr.
Li's explanation, Qing Qin had already understood the ins and outs.

In 1983, when the trademark law was just promulgated, the Banfen Beverage Factory preemptively registered the trademark and packaging patent of “Qiqi”. Back then, there was no relevant protection for well-known trademarks in the Trademark Law, so the other party succeeded. The Trademark Recognition Board even rejected trademark registrations that might cause disputes. Mr.
Qi did not understand the law, so he chose to give money to settle matters, signed a trademark payment contract, and gave up the right of prosecution.


The contracts' latest version was signed in 2004 and runs until this year.
This contract can be continued to be signed this year, which will last until 14 years.


In order to avoid greater losses, Qiqi has also begun to change its packaging and formula in recent years, striving to change the impression in consumers' minds before the company retracts the formula.


Sure enough, the Banfen Beverage Factory has gradually developed over the past few years.
They are greedy enough to swallow an elephant.
Banfen intends to acquire Qibao and its recipe, so they sent a lawyer's letter to completely recover the trademark rights and even used some unprofessional methods to hinder the Qibao development.


Qing Qin silently memorized its name, Banfen.
Obviously, this is his teammate on the road to bankruptcy!


“Rest assured, Mr.
Qing, their actions violated the Public Security Administration Law, and will be sentenced to 13 days of detention as well as 1,000 yuan fine.” The police officer made a note and nodded to Qing Qin with a smile.


Qing Qin sighed inwardly: “Okay, thank you.”


By now it was late at night, he left under a bunch of sympathetic eyes.
When he turned his head, he could see a few gangsters crying and howling in the detention room.


Alas, I can't save you either. Why did you collapse halfway through your career?


He turned back and left his saviors.


“Book a car for me to go back to the villa.” Qing Qin had already started to fight with his upper and lower eyelids, and ordered in the mids of sleepiness.


“I am sorry,” Meng Tiao looked down and flipped through the document, “the villa you have been living in is only in Mr.
Qing's name, and you cannot live in it while you are in debt.
Your personal belongings have been sealed and taken out as needed.


Qing Qin suddenly woke up: “Then I…”


“There is still a bed in the duty room in the factory.” Meng Yao interjected at the right time, “Mr.
Qing's original words are, 'I hope you can learn to work hard.'”


“Alright.” Qing Qin accepted the reality.
Anyway, the factory would close within a month.
Wouldn't it be nice to buy a house for himself with ten million yuan? 


“Then take the bus, where are you staying at? It’s not safe for girls to walk at night.
I’ll walk with you.”


Meng Yao smiled: “That’s not the case.
Qing has reserved a car for you.
It can be used when needed for work, and now it can be regarded as commuting to and fro.” 


The car left by the richest man stayed is a Mercedes-Benz, with a seven-seat space and a slender body.
The bright headlights illuminate the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star logo.
Elegant and stern, quiet and domineering.
Indeed a commercial vehicle that is very suitable for his current scene.


Qing Qin rubbed his temples, too lazy to think about the old bastard's moves, threw himself into the car, and fell asleep in a daze.


The gangsters' arrest news was quickly spread to the Banfen Beverage Factory.


“So useless?” The thirty-year-old man who was inspecting the new company stopped and frowned, the Patek Philippe on his wrist shining brightly.


Zhang, I'm sorry,” the vice president said, bowing his head, “It's mainly because the Qibao Group has a new boss.”




“He suddenly took over Qibao today, with five luxury cars, a pair of twin sisters assistants, an old butler by his side, it is estimated that some rich second generation came out to play cards.”


“That's right, this kind of rich second generation just comes out to have fun, where did he know how to manage the company?”


After talking a few words, the face of the new boss, who had been in a good mood, sank, and he immediately clamped his tail and said no more.


How did he forget that this one was also a rich second generation who was just parachuted into and went out with a luxury car today?


“Let me take a look at the trademark case file again, let our best lawyer group go, and make sure to bring down this company at all costs.” Zhang Shan sat on his office chair, emphasizing.


He didn't expect to meet the first opponent in this competition so soon.
Thinking of the gap between the two companies, he couldn't help but smile at the huge floor-to-ceiling windows.


In the next day at noon, Qing Qin appointed a Michelin Japanese restaurant, where he discussed the purchase of recipes with Mr.


When Mr.
Qi arrived, the main meal had come up.


The chef was cutting a large piece of bright red fish with a knife into slices.


“This is the big belly of a bluefin tuna.” The woman in the kimono who looked like Yamato Nadeko sat on her knees and introduced.


Behind the table, the young man was wearing a white feather weave, his long hair scattered behind him, a pair of gold-rimmed glasses with a slender gold chain hanging on the side of his face, and a sword around his waist brought him a bit of murderous aura.


Behind him sat a pair of graceful sisters -kneeling on the left and right, like a beautiful flower embracing both side.


Qi originally wanted to use his lateness to make a fortune for himself, but what he saw is this kind of battle.


He took a look at his beer belly and touched the top of his barren head.
He had been in the bar for many years.
For the first time, he felt a little ashamed of himself.


Qing Qin didn't look at him.
He took the tuna belly and the oil -that was fresher and more fragrant than wagyu beef- melted in his mouth.
Before he got drunk, the sushi rice suddenly emerged, bringing a richer taste and neutralizing the grease.


He closed his eyes and enjoyed it for a while, and seeming to finally realize the existence of Mr.
Qi, he reached out his hand to make a gesture of invitation.


Qi only felt that his momentum was wilted all of a sudden.
He recalled the scene of pulling investment in front of Japanese businessmen in the early years, and kept bowing and apologizing: “I'm sorry, I'm late…”


Qing Qin shook his head, and said rather forcefully: “Sit down and talk about the business after the meal, otherwise they will get cold.”


Qi sat down aggrievedly and took the sushi carefully.
He didn't figure out what taste it was like after the meal.


Qing is good at using psychological tactics.
After staying up late last night to study Mr.
Qi's life history, he quickly found a way to defeat the opponent's psychological defense line, and put himself in the dominant position before the negotiation began.” Meng Tiao was as taciturn as always, however, without fail, she is analyzing this new employer in her heart.
Today she wrote the most classic and accurate paragraphs in a future review of Qing Qin's autobiographical book “Little General Qing Analysis Report”.


Qing Qin had a delicious meal.
Before he transmigrated, he planned to eat Japanese food.
Fortunately, after coming here, he also ate the big belly using the business meal as a reason.


By the way, he also successfully completed today's prodigal plan, 

Killing two birds with one stone.
Check √


After the main meal, Qing Qin slowly scraped the last molecular ice cream cleanly.
If not for keeping his image, he might have licked it with his tongue.

Sure enough, Qing Qin has always been a person with great respect for food.


Qi sighed in his heart, thinking about the purpose of Qing Qin looking for him today, and after a little more thought, he said: “Our secret recipe was carefully developed by the imperial court chef in the Old Kingdom Era, using the branches and leaves of twelve kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, he was praised at that time.
Since then, the drink has blossomed all over the country, and become a childhood memory in the minds of many people…”


When Qing Qin heard that twelve kinds of Chinese herbal medicines were brewed, he felt bitter at the root of his tongue, and immediately more determined to get the old recipe.


Seeing that Mr.
Qi was still chattering, he raised one hand, pulled out the sword from his waist, and slapped it on the table.


Qi was already observing his expression.
Seeing that he showed his determination to get it, he was overjoyed.
He wanted to raise the price again, but he was scared out of his wits by the knife that suddenly came down.


He wanted to apologize.


Qing Qin stretched out three fingers from his right hand and gently tapped three times on his left palm. The two assistants received the instruction and lifted the black cloth in front of them, which turned out to be two neat stacks of RMB.


“Is this enough?”


Qi rushed up excitedly to shake hands: “Enough, this is enough, you…”


A knife blocked him.


Qi froze.


Qing Qin laughed: “A treasured sword is given to the hero.”


Qi grinned and hugged the sword in his arms: “Then I'll talk to your assistant.”


Qing Qin nodded slightly.
Meng Tiao who was kneeling on the left, followed him out.


Qing Qin let out a long sigh and lay on the table: “Meng Yao, order ten more ice creams for me.”


Using a standard smile, Meng Yao said: “Sorry, Mr.
Qing, that is not a business meal expense.
You need to pay by yourself however your debt is tens of millions.”


Qing Qin felt wronged, but he didn't say anything.
Qing Qin put on a sullen face, and decided to go to the factory to continue to lose money, and strive to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.


Another box just happened to open at this moment.


A pair of long legs stepped out.
Legs that were straight and powerful with a masculine body wrapped under a solemn suit.
He is like a lion waiting to hunt, full of aggression.


The man put on his sunglasses and stared at the youthful figure at the end of the corridor.


“Lou Quan, what are you looking at?” The agent was slightly taken aback.


“Persian cat.”




“He is gone.”


In the other box, Meng Tiao's eyebrows seemed to be covered with frost, condescending and aggressive: “200,000 is already a very reasonable price.”


While holding the sword, Mr.
Qi took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat constantly.


On the table laid Qibao's previous market performance, using accurate data and knife-like words, she cut down his predetermined psychological price point again.


Qing knows very well how much this secret recipe is worth.
In the market, you will not find a party that bid higher than ours.” Meng Tiao continued, “I hope Mr.
Qi can put away small thoughts that you shouldn't have, you need to be content with something you already have and don't let greed misleads yourself.”


After she speaks, Mr.
Qi seemed to feel that the young man -who went to a black Mercedes-Benz by the waiter- glanced this way, his eyes as deep as water.


Qi shivered, this new boss with an unknown origin is not a good person, right? His aura is too strong.


The last bit of greed for money was still in his mind and said, “Give me a little more time to think about it.”


Meng Tiao nodded, secretly hating her inexperienced self that didn't see he was a money lover.
She was not able to show her abilities to her new boss.


She reported this matter to Qing Qin with a bit of frustration.


I can't believe that she was offering only 200,000 yuan, for the 300,000 yuan that I put! Qing Qin was shocked.
Sure enough, you two are really the stumbling blocks on my road to bankruptcy, right?


He replied without hesitation: “Double the offer.”


“But the value of this recipe is at most 250,000.” Meng Tiao recalled most of the start-up capital squandered by the new boss, and she expressed her doubts.


“Did we buy the recipe? What we are buying is his willingness.
Think about it, this is his ancestral recipe.
He naturally has the moral advantage.
If we conquered most of this country with this recipe, what if he suddenly jumped out and labels us as a recipe robber? So not only would we have to buy it at the market price, we have to buy it at a price that would make everyone else look unworthy!”


Meng Tiao hesitated, she turned her head, and just in time to bump into Mr.
Qi whose face was full of pain.


“I think this price…”


“Boss Qing said we would offer 400,000 yuan.” Meng Tiao raised her hand impatiently.


Qi's eyes widened, veins burst out of his neck, breathed like a dehydrated fish, and finally fell to the ground.


He fainted from being overexcited and was taken to the hospital.
When he woke up and saw Meng Tiao who was sitting beside him, he said enthusiastically, “Tell Mr.
Qing that I have recognized him as my brother.
From now on, he is the fourth-generation descendant of our secret recipe.”


Meng Tiao looked at him in deep thought and silently continued to write in today's observation diary – 


Mr. Qing has a very high-level skill in controlling people. In the acquisition of the secret recipe, he adhered to the four-character key of “hit, press, collect, and close”.
(4 character key: 打,压,收,拢.
Maybe someone can give a better suggestion)

The first is to establish authority.
When Mr.
Qi was late, Mr.
Qing give him a boost.
This is a “hit”, which is like beating with a power stick.

After that, he interrupted Mr.
Qi's words and defeated Mr.
Qi's psychological defense line through momentum, which effectively prevented Mr.
Qi from raising the price maliciously.
This is “press”.


When he was pushed to the extreme, he was given a certain sweetness.
The sword was “receive”, and the doubled price was “close”.


As soon as the four key characters were used, Mr.
Qi gave up willingly. General Qing completely dismissed recipes' problem, and once again occupied the moral high ground.


In short, apart from his shortcomings of excessive luxury, which are in the same vein as the richest man, her new boss is meticulous and skilled.
He is a business wizard.

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