Qibao Soda


Qing Qin chose an old-fashioned beverage factory called Qibao.

The start-up capital for the first round is only 2 million.
Logically, the most suitable choice to pursue huge profits is entertainment or finance.

Needless to say in the finance section, getting a master trader is enough to pry tens of millions of yuan.

In the entertainment industry, two million is enough to make a low-cost game or online drama. This world has strict copyright laws at the same time these people have a strong sense of awareness. As long as the works produced are popular, they will inevitably make huge profits.


Of course, if those conditions can't be met, then you will go bankrupt.


Qing Qin knew that he was a lucky cat when he was a child, coupled with this body's destiny in the book, if he chose these two industries, he would probably win the first round.
Running to Cannon Fodder Avenue without looking back.


Even if he worked hard to make money, and don't get involved in new energy, he would be messed with by the plot master.
In short, the family business is dirt cheap, only the male protagonists are the peerless king.


No, he won't do it.


Qing Qin decisively chose this industry.


This is the industry that has a high-demand investment but small return with high risk.
In 2009 like now, which expert didn't dabble in real estate?


Qing Qin naturally did the opposite.


The rent cost for a large beverage factory is estimated to be one million a month, plus the cost of workers, water, electricity, and raw materials, it is almost hundreds of thousands.

The remaining money is to make a packaging design that is ugly to the eyes.

Ok, if I don’t close down before the end of the competition, I lose!     


At the entrance of the Qibao Soda Factory, a banner was hung, saying, “Welcome leaders to visit us.”     


The three of them frowned while their eyes trembled in the early spring sunset.

The one standing in front was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, looking like a dog, and the other two wore work clothes.     


Seeing a row of sports cars appearing at the end of the village road, the yawning man at the front woke up with an excited spirit: “Clap, clap, hurry up, the big money is coming!”


The black sports car stopped surrounded by four cars.
The door of the car in the middle was opened upwards, and the butler stepped out, imposingly.

“Qing…” The man changed his words as soon as he spoke.
Admitting that he recognize the wrong person for the lord that was still behind him, “Hello, hello!” 


The butler didn't look at him, turned around, bent down, and helped Qing Qin to get out of the car: “This is Qibao, a soda factory.
At their peak, Qibao sales were blooming everywhere.
Now, only this rented factory is left.”

“Yes.” The man nodded desperately, observing the excessively young new boss and the graceful assistant sister behind him. 

The so-called respecting Luo Shang first and then respecting others, seeing the price of Qing Qin's suit, his posture was even lower: “Our factory was built in the old kingdom era.
It can be called the first carbonated drink in China which can be drunk all over the region”

Qing Qin put on his sunglasses, most of his face was hidden under the black lenses.
His demeanor was even more alienated and indifferent. He stretched out his hand: “I'm sorry, who are you?”


“I'm Qibao's vice president, Li Jianye.” The nearly fifty-year-old bald man just remembered that he didn't introduce himself, and felt annoyed at himself.
He was stunned by this young man who was full of money light, so he only dared to hold his fingertips and shook it politely three times.

Qingqin was indifferent to the company's past glory.


First of all, there is no Pepsi and Coca-Cola in this world. The carbonated beverages are mainly juice-flavored sodas, which are general in taste and not mainstream. The eastern cultural circle is dominated by tea, the western cultural circle is dominated by coffee, and carbonated beverages account for only a small share.


Secondly, most carbonated beverage factories have a wide variety of products with exquisite and beautiful packaging and huge investments in the advertisement.
They are far better than the stubborn Qibao.


The small cake and fierce competition successfully made Qibao soda shed tears of the times.


Tears of the times are so good, it completely meets his needs to lose the game and run away with 10 million.

He looked at the factory area, which is located on the edge of the city, with only one village road going in and out.
There are three factories, an office building, and a small canteen, covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters.

Qing Qin estimated a month's rent, his eyes gradually burning like a dragon guarding treasures: “How many production lines do we have?”

“The factory has been unable to work in the past few years.
After moving out of the industrial park, there are only three production lines left in the early years, and now we only have one production line that is still running,” Mr.
Li hurriedly walked to his side. 


Through the sunglasses, he felt Mr.
Qing's mood change, and instantly had an idea, “You, come with me.” 


He turned back and stared at the two temporary workers. 


He reprimanded: “Hurry up.”


A white jade-like hand stopped in front of him, ceasing his verbal abuse: “Mr.
Li, be polite.”

Qing Qin looked at the two workers: “Sorry for troubling you two, please demonstrated it for me.”


These two are also old workers that were used to being yelled at.
Hearing the young boss speaking politely, they were a bit flattered for a while, nodded repeatedly and stammered: “Okay..


“It seems that Mr.
Qing's plan is already on the right track.
I'll take my leave first.
For the next, you can ask sisters.” The butler watched for a while with satisfaction and spoke.


Qing Qin maintains a poker face while singing in his heart: Sending you away, thousands of miles away~

“Please remember the Crocodile Pond.” The butler smiled and bowed, leaving the petrified Qing Qin.

Qibao soda uses an automated production line, and the four-meter-high, 700-square-meter factory building has just put down a line.

One by one, plastic bottles were swirled and filled with a five-to-one drink made of water and concentrate, then pressed into carbon dioxide and divided into boxes.

“This is the latest production line invested in 2004, with an output of 1,000 to 1,500 bottles per hour.
There are also auxiliary facilities, such as personnel disinfection facilities, cleaning workshops, laboratories, etc.
It was also the most advanced batch in China at that time.” Across the glass door, Mr.
Li introduced.

Qing Qin looked at the skilled operation of the workers: “How much are the workers' wages?”

“They were originally old workers.
After the factory collapsed, everyone dispersed.
These two couldn't find jobs either.
They came over to be temporary workers, and the wages were paid on a daily basis, 70.”

Qing Qin nodded: “Make them sign a contract with a salary of 3,000 per month, five insurances and one housing fund will be arranged.
In addition, there is no need to work three shifts, just nine in the morning and five or eight hours in the evening.”

Meng Yao lowered his head to record.


However, shutting down the machine will make a huge loss.
Li had some doubts, but he focused his attention on recruiting workers with a happy expression on his face: “There are inspectors, cleaning and disinfection…”


“Recruits that should be recruited, set highest market price for their salary.” Qingqin walked towards the end of the production line and waved his hand, “Talk to my assistant for details.”


There is already a box of beverages packaged here.
Qing Qin glanced at the graceful bottle and red packaging, which had a relatively trendy name printed on it.

(Qiqi or seven steam)

The packaging needs to be changed, the fonts should be larger and thicker, and the colors should be brighter and more colorful.
It will not be over if you don't kill the designer!


He unscrewed the lid.
A dark-brown liquid like cola with gurgling bubbles, didn't taste like industrial saccharin, a bit of mint-like stimulation.


However, it doesn't taste good.


These three words are enough.


Qing Qin showed a relieved smile and said to the vice president who came over tremblingly, “Very good.” 


Mr. Li nodded quickly: “Actually, we used the improved formula.”

“Then what about the formula before the improvement?”

“The formula before the improvement is in Mr.
Qi's hands.” Mr.
Li wiped his sweat, 


“In 2005, when Mr.
Qi was gone, the formula was once stolen.
After he went around and got it back, the formula was in Mr.
Qi's hands. Mr.
Qi found someone to improve it, which is the current formula.”

Qing Qin nodded inexplicably, thinking, that after the improvement, it just doesn't taste good, would it be even better before the improvement?


He turned his head and said to Meng Yu, “Help me find Mr.
I want the old recipe in his hand.”

“Ah? But people's tastes have changed now.
The old recipe is from a hundred years ago…” Mr.
Li suddenly a little anxious.

Qing Qin thought that there were still two inspectors around him, and explained: “You don't understand this.
Now with so many flavors of beverages, what is the one that has the highest market share? It is instant tea.
Why they have so much share? Due to thousands of years of tradition! So, why don't we use that century-old formula?”

Li suddenly realized, slapped his thigh, and gave a thumbs up: “Like Mr.
Qing said! Accurate grasp of the market!”

No, you are right. For tea, you can pursue classicism, and sell a thousand-year-old traditional feeling.
If you do it with soda that is completely a modern beverage.
Isn't it courting death?


Qing Qin offered condolences in his heart, while continued to thought along this line of thought: “Since we want to make a retro style, what is the earliest packaging of Qibao soda?”


“It was hand-made at the earliest…” Mr.
Li hesitated, 

“There is still an abandoned production line from the glass bottle era 20 years ago.” He said, pointing to the historical display on the factory wall.

It was a soda in a colorless glass beer cap, with the word Qiqi in the body.

The other one was the most fashionable can at that time, with a black background and bright yellow characters occupying the entire field of vision.

It is perfectly in line with Qing Qin's aesthetic goals.

What a pity that a lot of packaging design was saved.

Qing Qin made a decision: “Then go to that production line now.”

“However, the cost of glass bottles is 70 cents higher than that of PET.
That production line still needs to be used, and it costs tens of thousands.
Moreover, we have to hire another 20 workers because of the semi-automated production line.
Also, the output is only about 500 bottles per hour.” Mr.
Li was originally in charge of production, and he pointed out three shortcomings at once.
“In addition to the monthly rent of the factory being 500,000, it's difficult for us to get a return.”

Qing Qin looked at this unremarkable middle-aged man. He was so familiar with the production line, and he still held his post when the factory was about to close down, I am afraid he has a lot of affection for this brand.

Therefore, this kind of person must be a huge stumbling block in his great cause of losing money.
Even if there is no reason to dismiss this person immediately, he must be obedient.

“Do as I say.
Now, I'm the boss.” Qing Qin took off his sunglasses and said condescendingly.

Seeing vice president Li's reluctance, Qing Qin stretched out a hand back. Meng Yao silently handed over a letter of appointment for the vice-president with an annual salary of 300,000 yuan.

“Money has never been a problem for me,” Qing Qin handed the letter of appointment to Mr.

“I know you have feelings for Qibao.
But you must know that Qibao can't keep up with the old ways.
You can only die and then live.” 


Mr. Li took the letter of appointment, his lips twitched.
There were faint tears in his eyes.

Looking at the 300,000, and then looking at the high-spirited new boss, he was determined to tie himself to this chariot: “Okay, but there is one more thing to say…” 


Before the second half of the sentence was spoken, there was a commotion outside, mixed with all kinds of nasty verbal abuse.


“What's going on?” When Qing Qin walked out, he saw a dozen or so hooligans holding red paint, pouring bucket after bucket onto the outer wall.

The good factory was painted a mess by them.
It looked like a murder scene in a horror movie.

“This is a private factory, what are you doing! I'm going to call the police!” Meng Yao took the lead in stopping them, walking fast with her high-heeled shoes,


“Yo, old man Li also wrapped a beautiful chick!” 


When the words came out, it immediately caused countless wretched laughter.

“In the future, remember to get more than ten security guards to patrol around.” Qing Qin instructed Meng Tiao, while unbuttoning his suit jacket, rolling up his sleeves above his elbows, walking forward, and moving his wrists.

“What kind of skill is it to bully a woman? We men speak with a fist .” Qing Qin stopped in front of them.

“This little white face is too out of control”

“Your grandpa, my arms are thicker than your thighs.”


Several people saw that he was well-dressed, so they didn't want to get into trouble.

“Bunch of nonsense.” Qing Qin had been holding his anger since he crossed over, and instantly grabbed the steel pipe in one man's hand.

Within three minutes, he moved smoothly to knock over them.

The group of hooligans were swept into the open sewage pond by him like falling dumplings, flopping around in the waist-deep water, seemingly trying to drown themselves.

Qingqin looked back and said, “What are you waiting for, fish them out and interrogate them.” 


They were surprised, hurriedly scooped up these hooligans, and asked questions.


Qing has a unique skill, but there is no information on the report.” Meng Tiao recalled the employer's profile she had seen before, and couldn't help but sigh.


Qing Qin just recalled the original body's resume, and scratched his nose: “Maybe I am born with supernatural power.” 


The twin sisters just smiled.
He didn't know how much they believed.

These gangsters were scared to death.
Originally, they just listened to people do things to earn some extra money.
How could they know that they encountered a ruthless character.
Shivered and cried, they told the story again.


“They came from the 'Banfen' Beverage Factory.
They recently handed in a lawyer's letter to take back the trademark rights.” Mr.
Li said in a low voice, “During this time, every day, hooligans come to sabotage Qibao, that is the reason.”


Qing Qin's expression froze slightly, I was wrong, I should have asked clearly. This little punk who was here to wreak havoc, they simply an express train to the bankruptcy, my savior!

Come, come, come.
Even if you sabotage me, all the losses will be counted in my account.

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