Chapter 1.
Heirs Selection


Qing Qin was sitting on the private jet's sofa, the piano sound in his ears was like a flowing stream.


In front of him are musicians who are attentively playing the piano, and behind him are a row of smiling servants and a cart full of refreshments.


Turning his head to the side, through the porthole, he could see the large green fields and sapphire lakes below, as well as the vast ocean in the distance.


Within the chessboard-like green field and the arms of the lake, there are huge and brilliant ancient Greek-style buildings.


The memory of the original owner flooded into his mind, recalling the many differences between his experience and this world, Qing Qin realized the fact that he was transmigrated to a book.


The time displayed on the mobile phone is still January 28, 2009, but he has entered a completely different world.


World of the book with a cool story and no romance.

The male protagonist, Lou Junhao, is a standard Dragon Proud Sky, hiding for three years, once the emperor returned, he took over the family business, slapped their face, and dominated the market.
Along the way, he led the Lou Group to become the No.
1 real estate company, and he has also topped the Forbes Rich List.
(Dragon Proud Sky: Someone who is very strong as soon as they appear on the stage, does things without common sense, and can easily kill powerful enemies without thinking)

And Qing Qin is just an inconspicuous background cannon fodder.

He passed a series of tests, defeated a dozen candidates, and officially became the helm of the Qing Group, parachuting into the richest man.

After inheriting the family business, this body resolutely develops a new energy way, and that new idea slapped his own head. As a result, his instructions directly led to the “8.21” explosion, causing nearly 1,000 casualties and hundreds of billions of economic losses.


Naturally, this incompetent and conceited hapless bastard took the main responsibility, he was imprisoned with a bad reputation and died of depression at the age of 32.

The remaining Qing group was divided into several groups dominated by the Lou family, which accelerated Lou Junhao's ascension to the richest man position.

Now, he is invited by the richest man to participate in the first round of heirs selection.

The plane landed and stopped taxiing on the runway. Qing Qin stood on the escalator, surrounded by servants.

Behind it is the waves roar hitting the cliff, a natural passionate BGM.

Qing Qin, please.” The neatly combed silver hair with a straight-backed butler bent down.




The butler then straightened up and looked at the No.
100 candidate.


The young man in his early twenties had long hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and black sunglasses covered most of his face. A black suit outlines his slender waist and long legs.

He looked around for a moment, took off his sunglasses, and handed them to the servant, revealing his narrow and sharp eyebrows, without showing any signs of embarrassment, that is the bearing that was cultivated by the golden jade noble family.

The butler led him to the mansion in front of him.

The electric suspension bridge paved with white jade stretched out, cutting through the lake surrounding the mansion. The red carpet was spread all the way along the avenue, flanked by thirty or so bodyguards in black. They folded their hands behind their waists, not smiling.

Qing Qin walked through the triangular lintel supported by the Greek column, and the door with the carved figures opened for him, revealing the splendid interior.

Behind the gate is a hallway with crystal chandeliers, paintings worth millions, and clear gilded glass doors. Qing Qin passed by at least two swimming pools, indoor beaches, golf courses, three multimedia rooms, and a private library.

Thankfully, this body doesn't lack exercise.

After more than half an hour, Qing Qin finally came to the depths of this cave full of treasures.

There are no lights in the dining room, only the yellowish light of candles.


The host set up a round mahogany table without hesitation.
There was only one basket of steamed dumplings and two bowls of white porridge on the table.


“Have you eaten yet? Sit down and eat, and listen while you eat.” The silver-haired old man greeted him familiarly without raising his head.


He was wearing a black and red Tang suit, with jade gold-encrusted wrenches on his wrinkled hands.

Obviously, that style is out of tune with this mansion, but it doesn't seems to be the case.

Qing Qin sat on the mahogany high-back chair, straightening his back and taking a sip of porridge.

The butler began to talk, and the servant beside him held a contract in both hands: “Mr.
Qing had no children in his life, so he selected 108 people from the thousands of people he had sponsored to participate in this successor selection as adopted sons.

The entire selection process is kept confidential, and all contestants are not allowed to disclose the content of the selection for help.
The list of contestants is also kept confidential, which means that under normal circumstances, you will not know who your opponents are.     

During the selection process, in each round, you will receive the same amount of funds.
After operating from six months to one year, someone will calculate your total assets and rank them.     

All those who violate the law, whose assets are cleared or even negative, will directly withdraw from the selection.
If the remaining people exceed half of the starting number of this round, the last-place elimination system will be implemented, and candidates who are lower than the median will be eliminated. 

The reason for the elimination of each round will be announced, and contestants are expected to take a warning.     

After at most six rounds of selection, the final winner will inherit all of Mr.
Qing's industries, including dozens of companies with a market value of 100 billion such as Qing's Food, Qing's Real Estate, and Qing's Technology.     

So, Mr.
Qing Qin, do you decided to join this selection?”     


Capital for 108 people, you rich people really know how to play.     


Qing Qin politely stopped his chopsticks and took a sip of lemonade: “It sounds very tempting, but I refuse.” 


When the voice fell, the audience suddenly became quiet.     


Even though they are well-trained staff, their jaw dropped when they heard this. Among the 100 candidates who came in and out one after another today, Qing Qin was the only one who refused without hesitation.     


That is the inheritance of the five major groups with a total value of trillions!     


That is the richest man in the world!     


No one knows better than them what kind of wealth the owner has, so they are even more astonished – this kid doesn't know what he refuses at all!


Only Mr.
Qing's expression didn't change.
He calmly picked up a piece of steamed dumplings and dipped it in vinegar: “Eat first, we'll talk later.”


Qing Qin nodded and ate the meal slowly.

The maids beside them handed over white towels and gargle cups to wipe their hands and rinse their mouths.

“You're the first oneLet's go, let's have a talk.” Mr.
Qing cleaned up, stood up, and held his cane.
The butler by his side stepped forward and put an orange coat on him.

Qing Qin also got up and followed him out, walking along the stone path with him, passing the helicopter pad and squash court all the way.

“I remember that Qing Qin was an excellent boy,” said Mr.

The butler bowed his head: “Qing Qin, 22 years old, male gender, likes men, signed up for the Qing's training program at the age of five…
Just graduated from Kyoto University with a double degree in finance and art.

Since childhood, he has achieved excellent results and won numerous honors.
As a candidate, he is absolutely qualified.”

“I am not the only one who has this kind of achievement.” Qing Qin was only a salted fish before he came here, where did he have that ability.

Qing was noncommittal and stopped in front of a silent lake with Qing Qin.

The color of the lake was dark green with algae and a few knots of dead wood floating on it.

“So, how much did the Qing family spend to train him?”

Qing Qin has always been an S-level training target.
The annual allowance for food and clothing is five million.
Until now, a total of 85 million yuan was spent.”

Qing Qin looked at his Gao Ding suit and Rolex on his body. 

You people are really willing to pay: “I will work to pay off the debt.” 


“Pay off the debt?” Mr.
Qing laughed briefly, 


“Child, money is not so easy to earn in this world.”

There was a sound of sliding wheels, followed by a muffled howl.


Qingqin turned his head to the side and saw three people pushing a red velvet cart here. 


Qing raised his hand.

The red cloth was lifted, and underneath was a seven- or eight-month-old calf, pitifully bound, with an apple in its mouth, and struggled helplessly on the cart.

Qing pressed his hand down.

One person in the cart carried the upper limbs, the other carried the lower limbs, and threw the struggling calf into the lake.

Water was splashed everywhere, and a pair of dark eyes suddenly opened on several sections of dead wood.

It's a crocodile.

The black-clothed bodyguards blocked Qing Qin from left to right to avoid the bloody scenes hitting him.

However, smelling the bloody smell in the air, and listening to the constant screams of biting and howling, Qing Qin only felt a chill down his spine.

He could imagine what terrifying predator was going on ahead.

Qing's voice came not far away: “According to Clause 13 under Article 8 of the training contract, when necessary, you will unconditionally obey the Qing family's work arrangements.
Including, a crocodile breeder who can only take jobs after passing the exam, and has an annual salary of five million, huh?”

Qing Qin gulped while trying to steady his trembling hands.

When the bodyguards returned to their original positions, only a faint pink remained on the water.

Those dead wood was still silent.

Qing looked back at the young and vigorous candidate.

His long and narrow eyes were rarely rounded, and the aura he held up was half gone, revealing panic and confusion.

Qing's bad taste was well satisfied.
He took over the contract and handed it to Qing Qin: “There are no cowards in our Qing family who run away without a fight.
But after all, I'm not a devil either.
It's just a crocodile.”

To make it clear, do you feed me to the crocodile, or do I feed the crocodile?


Qing Qin: “What if I lose the heirs selection?”


“Hahahaha,” Mr.
Qing laughed a few times, “The debt is written off plus getting a 10 million yuan check.”

Qing Qin's eyes lit up.

Ten million is enough for him to be at ease and stay away from the road of cannon fodder.

OK, 1 million loses 1 million, 10 million loses 10 million, I am a dog if I don’t lose the game!

“Of course,” Mr.
Qing leaned on his cane, 

“You can't lose the game deliberately, you can't do illegal things, and you can't use the funds for personal enjoyment.”

“How do you define this?” Qing Qin quickly calmed down, looked directly, and asked Mr.

Qing clapped the back of his hand: “It's very simple.” 


The two beautiful ladies in suits who looked exactly the same came out with holding a folder.


The butler introduced: “Considering your sexual orientation, we have prepared two female inspectors for you, a part-time accountant and a personal assistant.”


The twin sisters nodded, and the one on the left was the first to introduce themself: “My name is Meng Yao, and she's Meng Tiao, I'm glad to cooperate with you.”


Qing Qin looked at the stumbling block to his future success and smiled politely: “It's my pleasure.”


He picked up the pen and signed his name on the contract.

Firm, chic and unrestrained.

“There will be time to learn more in the future, and now we will continue.” The butler clapped his hands and led them into a black velvet Ferrari.

He was sitting opposite Qing Qin, with a sheet of reports on the pad in his hand: “The first round of the competition starts today and ends on July 28, a total of six months.
Next, Mr.
Qing Qin, you need to collect the initial resources for the first round of competition.”


“We will give each participant an initial capital of 2 million and a small company with a total asset of no more than 3 million.” The butler introduced and projected the company list on the table.
“You can start to choose.”

Qing Qin browsed through the list of companies at a glance, countless light and shadow flashed in his eyes, and finally settled on a financial statement that can be said to be quite bad.


“This is it.” He made up his mind.


The butler smiled and looked at the specific situation of the company.
He has handled this process more than once, and his smile froze slightly: “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I like things that are challenging.” Qing Qin leaned back, crossed his long legs, and showed a determined smile.


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