bone dragon got up and placed its head on the ground in submission as it awaited its masters command to go.

The man with the crown turned into shadows and appeared on top of the dragon.

”Go now, Kiba! ” The dragon flew into the air and towards the dirt fields.


”Lord Cain has given us our orders! Focus anything with holy magic and make sure to bring back any powerful corpses intact! That is all. ” With his words being said, the shadow messengers darted off, leaving wisps of darkness behind. Their destination: inform the seniority of the orders.


”Brace men! Here they come! ” Hundreds of thousands of undead were charging forth. Their sleek white bone reflected by the green wisps of fire inside their eye sockets.

The undead don fear, perhaps that is one of their greatest advantages over living armies.

*Shing* soon sword met sword.

”Ahhh! my arm! ” One man was screaming while staring at his arm on the ground

”May god guide us. ” Others we
e praying.

One man was lying down with his small intestine hanging out of his open stomach.

It was a cold, dirt, hell.

”Captain stormhurst! A powerful undead is coming. What should we do?! ” I heard my name get called.

”Back away and support the others. Ill take him. ” I reined in my steed and cut a path through the undead. Eventually, they parted a path for me. Leading straight towards a cloaked skeleton holding a scythe.

”What do I owe the pleasure, captain. ” The undead spoke to me like we we
e brothers.

”Im here to send you back to your grave. Foul beast! ” I took out my sword and ran forth.

”Come! Come forth and serve! ” The cloaked skeleton cut through the earth with his unholy blade. Horrifying tormented spirits rose up from the earth and joined the battlefield.

Ghastly screams of tormented souls filled the battlefield.

”Go now! ” As the skeleton spoke the spirits turned their sights to me.

”Gulp. ” I was consumed with the ever tempting urge to run, but I swatted it away and continued forth.

”Come at me then! Ill take you all on! ” I started charging my sword with the little mana I posses. A raging inferno suddenly appeared at the tip of my sword and shot out at the fiend.


”Clean this mess up. ” The hooded skeleton spoke with disdain in his voice. He was talking about the bloodied and battered body of the warrior.

*boom* off in the distance, a beam of purple light went into the skys.

The hooded skeleton turned and stared at the light with reverence in his flame filled eye sockets.

”My lord… youve done it! ” He shouted out with glee and happiness.

Of course, none of the other skeletons stopped to look towards the light.

Soon though, a new light emerged from the sky. It landed on a lone skeletal mage in black rags…

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