”Who is it? ” an old man demands looking up from over his work that was on his desk.

”Grandfather…it is me ..Stephen ” the speaker sounded nervous standing outside the door he

played with his fingers repeatedly. It seemed he had no wish to enter through that door. His

grandfather sternly ordered him to enter. The elder looked quite strict his white eyebrows

furrowed together forming a scowl. His very appearance exuded authority, confidence and

fear and as Stephen stood before him he felt fear as always. Deep brown emotionless eyes,

a ragged scar across his left eyebrow, round silver rimmed spectacles on his nose, tan skin,

calloused fingers and a bandaged hand. These features describe his appearance but his

stringent and harsh dominative nature described him best. He took off his spectacles and

motioned Stephen to sit down before he began to speak. The latter sat down obediently not

daring to look into the others eyes. His heart pounding in his chest which almost seemed

audible in the large cabin if not for his grandfathers deep voice that made him jump in his


”Stephen you are of age and as the heir to the Archer family there are responsibilities you

are obligated to carry out ”

Stephen still looking down knew exactly what it meant, he belonged to the family of

hunters he was aware that one day he would have to shoulder the family name as well as

its practice he knew very well but he not was prepared for it mentally. He didn want the

position of heir it was a burden to him.

”Look up boy!! ” his grandfathers serious tone snapped him out of his reverie; he tried to

look up but couldn find the courage to look into the formers eyes.

”Yes I understand…Grandfather ”

”All these years, your siblings and you have been training for this. I hope you will not let me

down ” Turning away and facing his back to his grandson he says ”You are not allowed to

fail me or this family. ”

Those words weighed on Stephen, at this moment he just wanted to get out from there. The

room stifled him; it crushed him down making him feel giddy and uneasy. Still he managed

to force out words, ”Yes Grandfather. ”

”You may leave now ” the elder says returning his attention to his work that he had been

attending to before. Stephen got up quietly and left closing the door behind him. He let out

deep breaths and then made his way towards his room. He opens the door into his room

and plops himself onto the bed placing an arm on his forehead he closes his eyes.

Flashbacks of memories from 8 years ago flood into his mind, the time when everything

was alright, the time when his grandfather looked kind and smiled more.


”Grandpa Grandpa! What are you doing? ” a small 8 year old boy with blond hair looked up

at his grandfather who was aiming for a straw dummy few meters away.

”Its a bow and arrow little Stephen ”

”Wow! ” his amber eyes widened ”Can I play with it too? ” he added on excitedly.

”Of course but when you are a little older ” he says putting down his equipment and then

going on to carry little Stephen in his arms. They both smiled at each as he picked him up

and seated him over his shoulders and jogged around both laughing heartily. Their laughter

echoed in Stephens head as he opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling Why am I afraid?

Even though I know very well the reason for Grandpa changing drastically, why can it be

like before? he thinks to himself then sitting up he says ”Grandpa I will not fail you. ”

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