16 Years later HAVEN TOWN

”Mom I can find my socks! ” a girl calls out, standing in front of the mirror she combed

through her long raven black hair, carefully settling her bangs carefully above her eyes.

”It must be in the drawer, darling ” her mother replies from the kitchen.

The girl walked across the mirror to her cupboard and started rummaging for her socks in

the drawer while fiddling with the pendant that hung around her neck. Her blue eyes

landed on the thing she was looking for.

”Gotcha! ” she says grabbing her socks and putting it on.

”Did you find it? ”

”Yes mom ”

”Okay then, get ready and come down for breakfast ”

”Ill be right down in a minute ”

The raven head came down the stairs catching sight of her mother in the kitchen and then

her eyes shift towards her father who was seated at the dining table reading a newspaper.

A smile spread across her face as she thought that they were the most loving parents

anyone could have. She thought her mother was the prettiest she had ever seen, her long

brown hair tied neatly into a bun and her big purple eyes adding to her beauty giving her

an aura of the most beautiful and graceful princess while her father looked like a prince

straight out of a fairytale. His black hair a little long resting neatly on his neck and short

strands of hair falling over his forehead, a pair of spectacles sat on his nose and his grey

eyes fixed themselves on the newspaper he held onto.

”Dakota, what are you doing spacing out? Come on here breakfast is ready ”

”Yes mom ” she says making her way to the table then sitting down she says good morning

to her father who cheerfully replies, ”Good morning, my daughter!! Come give daddy a

hug! ” he spreads his hands apart.

Dakota simply stares at him okay I take back what I thought about him being a prince she

thinks to herself and begins to eat, leaving her father brooding in disappointment.

”Rei, she won hug me anymore ” he sighs out.

”Klaus ” she laughs it off. They were halfway done with breakfast when they were

interrupted by a knock on the door.

”Ill get that ” Rei says walking up to the door and on opening it she finds a boy looking

through strands of blond hair covering his amber eyes and a smile plastered to his flawless


”Good morning, Mrs. Winters ”

”Ah! Stephen, good morning come on in ”

”Dakota its Stephen, hes come to pick you up as usual ” Rei teases them in amusement.

”Stephen!! ” Dakota perked up as she saw her best as well as her childhood friend.

”You ready? ”

”Yes!! Lets go!! ” she replies sounding bubbly, and then turning to her parents she waves

them bye for the day and slings her backpack over her shoulder. The remaining two simply

watch their daughter and her friend make their way out of the door.

”You know what day it is tomorrow ” Rei looks up at Klaus the man who had saved her 16

years ago with whom she had formed a bond of friendship and understanding. Her gaze

shifted dropping to the table she says, ”How could I not know Klaus, its the full moon tomorrow… ”

”I worry for her and the fact that it gets worse every month- ”

”I know very well ”Rei cuts in.

”Each time its going to be difficult but everything comes with a price ” a sigh escapes her small mouth but Klaus holds her hand in a reassuring manner.

”Everything will be alright ”

”Klaus…I can thank you enough for everything ”

”You are making it seem like Im doing a favor on you ” he smiles removing his hand from

hers then looking out the window he continues, ”Rei…don you want to go back… you

know, to where your husband is ”.

Startled she looks at him; her eyes soften at the thought of Gai. How many years had it been

since she saw him, deep in her heart she longed to return to his side but she knew it was

dangerous to go back.

”Dakota is safe here…I must protect her and…this place seems like the only safe place for

her…and… ” she takes a deep breath before continuing ”Going back now is meaningless… ”

Klaus listens silently, he clearly understood her intentions but he cared for her deeply and

that is why he wanted her happiness and he knew very well that even though Dakota was

her happiness, it was Gai that completed her world although it stung him a little he was

quite aware that there was a line he couldn cross and so even if as a friend he would

continue to protect her with everything. That was what he decided to do, no that was all he

could do for her, the woman he slowly came to love. For years he hid his unrequited love

and for more years to come he would suppress these feelings and make sure to hold it in


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