A white light appeared in the sky and engulfed in it was Rei falling down at full force and

was just about to hit the ground when a voice called out.

”Catch that falls Formation, Take form, Hammock! ”

A golden layer of air formed into a thin sheet of net took its position below the falling body.

Rei fell onto the golden net and safely landed on the ground. As the golden layer slowly

dissolved into the air Rei managed to open her eyes, instantly she felt a piercing pain in her

back taking her back to the moment before she had unlocked the Dimension Door. That

snake… she mumbled as an image of Levi throwing a dagger at her direction played in her

mind. Her attention shifted to the sleeping figure in her arms and then she noticed

something coming towards her but couldn make out anything through her blurred vision

and as she blacked out a voice echoed in her head which slowly faded as she blanked out.

Meanwhile faraway in the Royal Palace, a certain redhead cowered over a burnt body

examining it with intensity as if making sure that the body was not alive.

”It is her no doubt ” her cold yellow eyes looked down on the body as a smirk crept onto her

face, then walking away she orders her servants to have it taken away.

”Zen, take care of it ” Rowena takes a last look at the lifeless figure then walks away

mumbling ”Rest assured Rei dear, Gai is in good hands now and yes Elder Brother will be

pleased upon hearing this ”. Little did she know that Rei was alive and well in another


Braun walked into a bar and ordered a drink, as he waited for his drink to be served

another man took a seat beside him.

”Whats the occasion? Did you get dumped? ”

”Levi…you just won leave me alone won you ”, he sighs.

”Im seriously hurt; do you detest my company that much? ” Levi fakes a pout.

”Heres your drink sir. ” The bartender says sliding the glass over to Braun then turning to

Levi he inquires ”What would you like to have sir? ”

”Ill have the same as him ”, the bartender goes on to prepare the drink.

”Why do you always have to pop up wherever I go I don understand ” Braun says taking a

sip of his drink.

”Maybe its fate ” Levi sniggers.

”Tsk!! Don mess around with me Levi ”.

”Im serious ” he replies leaning forward and resting his face on his hand as he eyed the

captain. His stare is interrupted by the bartender who serves him his drink.

”There is something I want to know ”

”And that is? ” Levi takes a glance at Braun while taking a sip of his drink.

”At the forest when the Queen got away what did you mean when you said you would take

care of things? ”

”Come with me somewhere quiet where no one can see us and Ill tell you everything ”, he

circles the edge of the glass with his finger.

Braun glares at Levi, if looks could kill Levi would be way past dead.

”Getting so worked up over a joke, thats why I like you ” he dips a finger into his drink and

licks his finger while looking at Braun who responds with a plain monotonous expression.

”Well…I had to sacrifice a precious snake of mine to create a perfect lookalike of the Queen

then plant it into the abandoned shrine and then we burned the place down ”

”Why did you do that? I mean won it benefit you if Lady Rowena were to punish me? After

all youve always wanted to get rid of me isn that right Levi ”

”Aw I would never benefit if you were to be punished by anyone other than me ” he places

his hand over that of Brauns ”No one knows about this except for us, a secret binds us both

now and it excites me.. ”.

e sick!! ” Braun smacks the latters hand away ”Im leaving ” he stands up and leaves

the cash on the table. ”Don think I owe you anything just because you did that ” Braun

leaves the bar while Levi is left there gripping onto the glass tightly then bangs his hand on

the table as an evil grin plays on his lips.

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