Remus and Rei hurried through the thicket of the forest, hiding among tall grass. They ran

while their pursuers were hot on their trail.

”Tsk! Its no fun trying to catch the same mouse again ” Levi looks at Braun, both chasing the

two figures ahead of them. Braun pays no attention, he knew this time he had to get the job

done. He ran off ahead leaving Levi behind.

”Captain there is a heath up ahead ” a guard points out.

”Good! Well get her there; with no tall grass she won have any place to hide ”

Rei and the old man run until they reach the entrance to an open heath and stop.

”Rei?! Why did you stop? ”

”I have a plan ” she mumbles, then turning to him she continues ”You should go back to

Joletta, they are after me so Ill distract them you must get back. ”

”Don be reckless; the heath will not protect you ”

”What Im about to do requires a lot of space, we will survive no matter what ”.

Remus was hesitant to leave them behind but he knew he had to get back to his wife.

”You are a brave woman Rei ” he says then looks at the still sleeping baby he goes on ”although I don need to tell you this but protect this child ”. He then takes out something

from his pocket. ”Here put this locket on her and never take it off, this will prevent her from

making any contact with Ingas life force ”.

Rei accepts a thin silver chain, a small circular pendant hung down. Within it was a blue

teardrop shaped stone in the centre of it. She thanked Remus as a lump formed in her

throat she forced out words she wanted to say ”I cannot thank you enough for doing so

much for us, how will I ever repay this kindness? ”.

The old man tapped her head ”Be well and it will be repaid, now hurry ”.

Saying this he makes his way back via another route praying to the heavens to watch over

her. Braun and his men were almost on the verge of catching up to her, while Rei made her

way into the open heath and started putting her plan into action. She dashed into the midst

of the small grass and flowers and stood straight putting out her left hand with her palm

facing outwards while her right hand clutched onto her baby tightly.

”What is she doing now? ” Braun says catching up to the heath.

”That posture ” Levi looks on ”don tell me ” he chuckles ”looks like our queen is trying to

escape ”.

”What does that mean Levi? ” Braun spits out.

”That posture seems like shes trying to escape using Art of Dimension Travel ” he says

looking on seriously.

”DONT LET HER COMPLETE THE SPELL!!! ” Braun orders his men. They all run into the

heath attempting to stop her.

”Unlock and Let Me Through Into A World Anew; Divine Gate Keeper Let Me Pass Before

Dark Shadows on Me Are Cast ”

”Shit!! Its too late! ” Braun remarks as he sees a white light glow between her palm and the

transparent air, he watched on in surprise as the light engulfed her.

”Not so easily ” Levi sniggers licking a small dagger and then throwing it into the direction

of the light ”A parting gift from me Dear Queen ”.

As the light began to dissipate, they found out that Rei wasn there anymore. She had

completed the dimension travel spell. The guards looked on in disbelief at what just

happened. Braun punched the ground in anger while Levi chuckled in amusement. ”Well

Braun, how are you going to explain this to the Lady huh? ” he sniggers looking down at the

dejected Braun.

”Shut up you damn snake!! ” he stands up and walks away. Levi eyes his back dangerously

snake huh? Don you know what snakes do when they are attacked? he mutters under his


”Erwin! Did you find out anything? ” Gai anxiously questions him. Erwin looked down in

disappointment not being able to face his friend.

”Well say something Erwin! What is the matter? ”.

”It seems Her Highness was attacked on the way, we found her carriage in ruins and the

guards were all found dead. On further investigation it seems Her Highness escaped into

the Forbidden Forest and her trails lead to a burned down abandoned shrine ” he stops.

”And…? Erwin!! ” the king holds onto the latters shoulder tightly.

Erwin looks sideway and motions a soldier ”Show it to the king ”. The soldier comes

forward and hands Gai a hair clip. Gai steps back in disbelief; it was the royal hairclip that

he had gifted Rei on their wedding day.

”This…Where did you get it…this ” he takes it from the latters hand.

”It was found among the destroyed remains of the shrine, it seems it was just burned down

recently ” Erwin continued, his eyes still stuck to the floor.

”NO! ” Gai gasped, his legs buckled beneath him but he managed to stay standing.

”A body was found…it has been identified as Her Highnesss ”.

”Its a mistake…no…She was pregnant…our child…Rei… ” his voice cracked.

”Forgive me Your Highness, but that is the fact… ”.

Erwin motions the soldier to leave then turning back to Gai he opened his mouth to say

something but couldn , he could only watch his friend clutch the clip to his chest and trot

his way back like a ghost.

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