ed items. The old woman quickly

lifted the sheets off Reis fragile body, placing towels under her legs she continues ”now,

calm down and push with all your strength ”

”I … I cannot…my stomach hurts… ” she responds quivering as tears form at the corner of

her eyes.

”You must dear or both you and this child could be in danger, don fret everything will be

fine ” she reassures her.

Rei knew she had to give her all so she gathered all her strength and kept pushing out

gradually in between deep breaths. The lady quickly began to get the baby out with the old

man assisting her with the delivery. After minutes of labor and agony the baby was


”Congratulations!! Its a baby girl ” cutting the chord the old lady lifts up the blood covered

baby and smiles but soon her smile disappeared and was replaced with worry, her thick

white eyebrows furrowed and she let out a gasp nodding her head and whispering
o over

and over.

”Whats the matter? Why…Why do you have such an expression? ” Rei expresses concern

her voiced laced with worry and anxiety.

”The baby…its not making a sound, its pulse is too weak and her breathing is irregular ”,

wrinkly aged hands held onto the baby wrapping a towel around the blood stained frail

body, she carries on speaking ”at this rate, its impossible to save the little one ” her droopy

eyes reflected sorrow at her own words.

Rei slumps dejected on hearing those words ”What do you mean?! ” her breath hitched in

her throat as tears began to well up ready to flow any second. The tired elder gave an

apologetic look at Rei who looked like she would break down into pieces.

”No… ” she almost choked ”No…No…this…can be…I can let her die…no…no…my baby ” the tears that had welled up broke out at once. Unable to see such a sight the old assistant who watched the

proceedings went over to the lady and whispered into her ear, her droopy eyes widened in

an instant and she immediately shook her head as if like a robot, ”Remus!! No its too

dangerous…It has never been done before… ”

”Joletta, I know but the baby is dying ” the old man whose name was Remus spoke out

trying to be reasonable.

”We have no knowledge of its consequences, we cannot take chances ” Joletta the old lady

retaliates placing the baby on the bed beside Rei.

”What is it?! What did he say? ” Rei questions Joletta.

”Put it out of your mind Rei, it is too risky and I don thi- ”

”I DEMAND TO KNOW!! ” Rei cuts her off, she then lowers her head and in a pleading tone

she continues ”I beg you, please tell me…please help me ” she lifts her baby into her arms

embracing it. ”I …I don care how dangerous…but please…don let my baby die… ”

Joletta glares at Remus who avoids her gaze instantly, knowing that she had no other

choice but to go on with it she lets out a sigh and says, ”There is a way to save this child ”

On hearing this glimmer of hope reflects in the dejected mothers eyes ”So…there is a

way…right? ”

”Yes there is… But ” Jolettas face hardens ”you should know that its not a safe process and

even if it succeeded there is no guarantee that it will not be troublesome in the future…so

reconsider your decision Rei ”

Rei takes a deep breath as a memory of her beloved husband flashes across her mind.

”Rei will it be a boy or a girl? ” a man on his knees says placing his ear over her belly. She

giggles softly gently caressing his head ”Dear Im not quite sure we have to wait and see ”.

The man looks up at her and smiles, ”I hope its a girl just like you ” saying this he stands up

and holds her in his embrace. ”This baby is a sign of our love, I love you my wife and I love

our baby as well, together we shall protect it ”.

His words echoed in her head as she closed her eyes she says to herself yes, my love we

shall protect it.

Saying this she opens her eyes and with a firm resolve she utters the words she always did,

”I will do anything to protect her…I will do it no matter the consequences ”.

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