oke free from its back, crooked scaly legs, and

crooked long fingers revealing sharp claws it looked up into the air and gnarled loudly.

Before the traveler could process what he was seeing the winged monster struck out its

long slimy tail and wrapped his body pulling him closer. It squeezed the mans body and in

a few seconds a white foggy smoke emitted from the prisoners body, slowly the mans

body began to darken and dry up until his body was nothing but a dry husk which

crumbled into dust and as the monster pulled its tongue back into its mouth the mans body

withered away into the wind. A while later black smoke covered the monsters body and as

the smoke clears away it reveals the same traveler but this time a sly smile forms on his face and his eyes flicker and roll back and forth in all directions. The man stretches, sounds of bone cracking vibrate into the air, he simply walks back into the direction of the village looking for its next victim.

Meanwhile in Haven Town in a certain school the teacher gathered her students attention

to her.

”Well as you all know like every year there will be a school trip and it will be held next

week ” Upon hearing this the whole class resounded with yeah and yippee to which the

teacher immediately reprimands them ordering them to maintain silence then she

continues ”Everyone is expected to submit their permission slips by tomorrow, without it I

will not include your names in the list ”

”Teacher! Where are we going for the trip? ” Raizo shouts out.

”Yes Im getting there the place we will be going to for the trip is Mist Cavern the trip will

consists of two nights a day stay which will include a hike through the local forest then

camping at the Lone Island ”

The students buzz with excitement but their excitement is short lived as the teacher tells

them to open their textbooks to page no. 26 which was followed by groans and sighs.

”Mist Cavern, Lone Island…wow it sounds adventurous ” Dakota tells Blair.

”Yes it does ” she replies.

Dakota was too excited already coming up with plans for the trip, little did she know that this trip would change her life forever.

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