SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 91: Unexpected Development

”That first year is stronger than all of you! ”

The statement dropped like a bombshell to the nine students who walked along with Jerry. The moment they heard this, everyone halted. This wasn ’t a light statement that could be waved off unnoticed.

”What? ”

”Are you serious? ”

”You ’re kidding, right? ”

Various reactions leaked out of them as they all stared at Jerry with surprise written on their faces.

He wasn ’t one to examine someone wrongly, but Jerry was also known for his easygoing nature and teases. It could have been that he was just teasing. However, in the unlikely situation that he wasn ’t…

”I ’m dead serious. ” Jerry ’s words confirmed the possibility they wanted to ignore.

The look in his brown eyes told them that he truly wasn ’t messing around.

Jared Leonard Alphonse Sereth, as young and inexperienced as he was, was more powerful than they—third-year students.

”Welp, he ’s not stronger than me, though… ” Jerry smiled and shrugged.

Still, even for an exceptional student, Jared was too powerful for his age.

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’He should be in the Upper Class by just measuring his talent and power alone… ’ Jerry reasoned.

The problem was his Mana Core. The same applied to him as well. The school ’s system was rigged, but there was nothing he—as a student—could do about it.

”Well, if that ’s what you say, then it has to be true. ”

Jerry wasn ’t one to misjudge someone or lie. If he spouted something so unbelievable, then it had to be real.

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