SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 79: A Duel Challenge (Pt 1)

It was simply amazing— Neron ’s Lecture.

I had expected him to be an average tutor and more of a powerhouse, but was excellent at the former as well.

After commending us, Neron addressed the most pertinent matters first. He projected our schedule on the wall behind him, making sure it was well above his head so he wasn ’t obstructing his view.

’Light manipulation Magic, eh? Nice mana control… ’ I mused, remembering how the entrance results were announced in the same way.

Apparently, we had three magic lessons per day. Since this was an Academy that encapsulated a whole lot, there were other courses that involved areas outside magic. ”

Courses like etiquettes, history, politics, etc. Were taught as electives. Main Courses were divided into two parts— General and Specialized. Since we were a class comprised of three departments, a system like this had to be implemented.

General Courses were to be taken by all Departments in our class while Specialized courses depended on our Departments.

Depending on the Department we were in, our Specialized Courses Differed. Magic-Users had Courses like Basic Mana Control and Basic Spell Creation while Scholars had more courses that dealt with theories. For Martial Artists, skill development and fitness courses were added. It was a complex, yet, well-distributed curriculum.

Well, almost anyway…

”You can choose as many as five electives. I wouldn ’t overwork myself if I were you, though. ” Neron added when handing out the forms to us.

He used a wind spell to control the fliers, allowing them to each land on our tables for us to fill.

Looking through the electives, I saw nothing especially useful among them. Electives weren ’t compulsory, but it was a general opinion that it was better to study them.

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While the merits were there— such as extra credits and an easier grading system that gave easily earned points to add to the combined score, the disadvantages for me outweighed those paltry reasons.

”It ’s a waste of time… ” A whisper accidentally leaked out of my mouth.

I already had a lifetime ’s worth of knowledge concerning these Electives, and even as an affiliate Lecturer here I knew more than I could ever learn as a student. There was no need to bother myself about it.

Besides, courses like politics, history, etiquettes… even sewing— that ’s right, it was a course, were things I could pick up in my pastime and learn by myself.

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