”T-that ’s unbelievable… ” Damien ’s voice trailed the moment Klaus finished his report.

To think that a brat whom he had deemed worthless due to his Core would beat someone as talented as Ivan so easily. Klaus wouldn ’t dare lie to him about something like that, so Damien knew it had to be accurate.

”I refuse to accept that! ” Damien banged his hand on his desk.

The sudden sound of his clenched fist hitting the flat surface of the table startled Klaus, causing him to jump slightly.

Damien ’s anger could be clearly seen, so the supervisor did nothing except swallow his saliva in discomfort. The reason for Damien ’s annoyance was something anyone who knew him was well aware of.

Damien Lawcroft hated White Mana Core Grade, no, untalented Magic-Users. He despised them deeply. The reason for his deep-seated hatred was shrouded in mystery, though a few rumors were flying around concerning this.

’Sigh, let ’s just get this over with so I can leave already! ’ Klaus screamed internally.

”I can ’t accept this. Maybe Ivan was having a bad day. It happens to Magic-Users sometimes… besides, we still don ’t know why his fire spell malfunctioned… ” Damien muttered, trying to bring up all manner of excuses.

Klaus just sighed silently. His superior didn ’t want to accept the fact that Ivan lost due to his inferiority in ability compared to Jared. Even if he managed to dismiss the results of the duel— if it could be called that, it didn ’t change the fact that Jared ’s perfect score in the first two parts of his exam was beyond amazing. If not for the newly adopted third part of the exam, he would have easily scored the top spot.

Still, Klaus knew better than to say this to Damien who was seething in annoyance, too drowned in his prejudice to think rationally.

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