Ivan getting crushed by the barely audible sounds coming from the audience.
Of course, in his mana-enhanced state, Ivan could hear them too.
Having no other option than to glare at me, the older boy growled in frustration.

You what did you do?!

A wry smile appeared on my face.
Even if I told him, he wouldnt get it!

In any case, I should end this quickly.
My thought rang as I clenched my stomach.

Ivan desperately activated as soon as he saw that I was already making my advance toward him.
This time, however, the flames only flickered for a second, not even growing behind a mere spark before dying out.


He did it again, and this time nothing but sizzling smoke emanated from his palm.
Puzzled beyond belief, his eyes went to his palm, and then to me.

W-what are you doing?! He cried, gritting his teeth.

I didnt bother responding, as I was conserving energy.
My steps were slow but steady.
In a few seconds, I would reach Ivan.

His leg began shifting back and I could feel his unease the temptation to retreat was so evident in his eyes.

However, if he did so, everyone would get a worse impression of him.
Realizing this, he stood firmly in his position and pointlessly tried casting , to no effect.

Im guessing Fire is his major attribute since hes in the Yellow Core Stage already.
Other Spells would take a considerably longer time.
Thats why hes stubbornly clinging to it.

Well, even if he used other spells, I had perfect counters for them.

Ivan began letting out shrieks as his Spell was not working at all, at least to all eyes that could see.
Not even smoke came out again.

Stop wasting your mana pointlessly it wont work, I spoke blankly, a couple of inches from the taller boy.

Ivan gritted his teeth and decided to forget his spell.
At our current range, he had the appropriate reach to land a solid blow on me.
With this in mind, he clenched his fist and launched a powerful blow at me.

My body was sluggish due to the weakness enveloping me, so I didnt want to do anything as troublesome as moving my body to dodge.


Ivans fist stopped a few inches from my face, hitting an invisible wall that was so sturdy, it generated a massive noise in response to the opponents hit.

In reflex, Ivan withdrew his hand in pain and let out a little grown.
His hand was reddened, caused by the impact between him and my invisible defense.

His face showed fear and confusion as I took another step closer.
The boys legs were forced to move backward, retreating as I advanced.
I remained unfazed and kept moving.

In response, his irrational self took over and launched volleys of mana-enhanced punches at me.
My invisible barrier took the brunt of all his offenses and only Ivan suffered from all his attacks.

By the time his back reached the wall and he had nowhere else to retreat to, I had already one of raised my hands, struggling to keep it steady due to my weakened state.

An idea came to mind, so I decided to act on it.

Using it should be enough with this, its my win

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