SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 67: How It Ended (Pt 3)


A loud slapping noise echoed across the ground floor, causing everyone in the lounge to drop their jaws in surprise.

The sight was quite unbelievable, a total opposite of what they were expecting. Ivan, the one who received a backhand slap from me, staggered back, feeling the sharp sting on his cheek as he winced.

As for his blow, I dodged it easily while responding with that slap. As a result, his assault didn ’t work at all.

’I wasn ’t going to resort to violence since that would be immature… ’

Plus, we were being watched, so there was a chance that violence would attract an unknown penalty. However, I had been patient enough to ensure there were unquestionable justifications for my action.

One, Ivan stole my lunch.

Two, he threatened me.

Three, he struck first.

Using these three factors as a basis, there was no way I could be shackled by the fear of any punishment.

In fact, I was well within my rights to attack. And attack I would!

’Brace yourself, Ivan Smith… ’

Ivan, after recoiling from the shocking hit I gave to his now reddened cheek glared at me with surprise and anger.

”You little shit! How dare you! ” He burst out.

’Um… what was I supposed to do? Let you hit me instead? ’

The injured pride of Ivan began manifesting as he gave heavy breaths. His eyes bulged, nearly out of their sockets and I could tell he had most likely never gotten such treatment from anyone.

”Hey, brat! Apologize to Ivan! ”

”What do you think you are? ”

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”It ’s just lunch! ”

The minions behind Ivan shouted at me, all eyeing me with animosity, totally different from the amused expressions from earlier.

”I ’ll make you regret this! ” He tightened his fist.

’So he ’s going for another hit, uh? I should take the initiative, then. ’


In a flash, I vanished from where I stood and appeared before Ivan using high-speed movements.

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